Gajim - 2013-04-24

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  2. Darlan MatthL_: Thank you for the Gajim task in Rakefile of Trollicons and for the AdiumEmoticonConverter script.
  3. Darlan 7andrew: Nice theme. Please send us a few screenshots of your roster.
  4. Darlan MatthL_: There is a problem in conversion of several strings for Riceballs
  5. Darlan 'Angry.png': ['>:o', u'(\xac_\xac")'], <string>&gt;:o</string> <string>(¬_¬&quot;)</string>
  6. Darlan 'Heart.png': ['(L)', '<3', u'(\u2665_\u2665)'], <string>(♥_♥)</string>
  7. MatthL_ Darlan: what seems to be the matter>
  8. MatthL_ Riceball was indeed my test case
  9. Darlan Are all icons ok?
  10. MatthL_ seemed like it yeah
  11. Darlan (♥_♥) is resulted as u'(\u2665_\u2665)'
  12. MatthL_ oh I hadn't noticed he accepted my patch for the rakefile, he hasn't published a builded set for gajim though :/
  13. MatthL_ yeah that's expected
  14. Darlan (¬_¬&quot;) to u'(\xac_\xac")'
  15. Darlan ok
  16. MatthL_ perfectly valid again
  17. Darlan ok
  18. MatthL_ unless you are using python3, in which cause you may need to switch the script to the utf8 encoded version
  19. MatthL_ as noted in the header
  20. Darlan All packages are available for download at
  21. MatthL_ though I haven't tried, but that's what Asterisk told me
  22. MatthL_ oic, I was looking at
  23. Darlan
  24. MatthL_ ah sweet hehe
  25. MatthL_ is still only a quarter down his coffe and thus only a quarter awake ;)
  26. MatthL_ [overjoyed]
  27. Darlan :D
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  29. Darlan Sound Sets
  30. Asterix Link Mauve, louiz’, vous dormez ?
  31. louiz’ non
  32. Asterix louiz’: cool, you have XEP-308 implemented ?
  33. louiz’ yes
  34. Asterix louiz’: cool, you have XEP-0308 implemented ?
  35. mathieui yes
  36. louiz’ a message with an error
  37. mathieui yesss
  38. louiz’ a message with no error
  39. Asterix :D
  40. Asterix perfect
  41. louiz’ :)
  42. Asterix seems to be ok in Gajim then
  43. louiz’ fix your
  44. louiz’ fix your message
  45. louiz’ fix your message twice
  46. louiz’ fix your message twice please
  47. Asterix seems to be perfect in Gajim then
  48. Asterix seems to be absolutly perfect in Gajim then
  49. louiz’ great :)
  50. mathieui A message
  51. mathieuii A corrected message
  52. louiz’ aha
  53. louiz’ also :
  54. louiz’ a message
  55. louiz’ hey !
  56. Asterix it's not detected as corrected ...
  57. louiz’ :(
  58. Asterix I save them per nick and don't follow nick change ...
  59. Asterix shouldn't be hard ...
  60. louiz’ also the room is overactive, apparently :p
  61. mathieuii Asterix, though this is not covered by the XEP, so you can let it pass
  62. louiz’ said also the room is overactive, apparently :p
  63. mathieuii in fact it says that you should check for the fulljid only
  64. mathieuii but I find that silly, since we can track nick changes
  65. Asterix weird behaviour, it's detected as corrected, but the /me colors are not used
  66. Asterix yep, folowwing nick change is a good idea
  67. Darlan I am concerned by this correction feature as it seems, to me, to be a potential risk of censorship. Would it possible to disable this feature once it is delivered with Gajim?
  68. Darlan I did not investigate this feature properly so I really can voice a decent opinion.
  69. louiz’ censorship for from yourself?
  70. Asterix mathieuii: coud you try again with nick change?
  71. mathieuii A message
  72. mathieui A correction
  73. Asterix it works
  74. Darlan louiz’: Perhaps, i.e. manipulating messages in places where most humans will think it says otherwise, but it does seems far and rare.
  75. Asterix the old nick is kept on the line, but it's detected as a correction message
  76. Asterix one thing before I commit: I have to check is the id is correct. dor the moment, I only do: if there is a <replace> tag -> it's a correction of last received message, even if the id doesn't correcpond to the last received message
  77. mathieui Asterix, you should check for the fulljid correspondence, too
  78. mathieui (in fact, you MUST)
  79. Asterix in GC this is done as the resource part is the nick of the occupant
  80. mathieui And in private?
  81. Asterix in normal chat I haven't check how it behaves with multiple resources
  82. Asterix I'll check
  83. Tiger Hi all, привет всем, Gajim 0.15 does not work with in Windows. Looks like unable to connect But under LinuxMint it works good. Gajim 0.12.1 with in Windows works good too.
  84. Asterix yep, it seems gtalk is brocken for some days ...
  85. Asterix I don't know what happens
  86. Asterix I don't use this server
  87. Darlan If it is true that Gajim 0.12.1 can connect to gtalk while 0.15 can't, would not it be appropriate to try to investigate this issue and make Gajim 0.15 to behave like 0.12.1 in this regard?
  88. Asterix if you have time don't hesitate .... unfortunatly I won't have time before some weeks I think
  89. Darlan Do you like me to open a ticket? (copy&paste what Tiger wrote)
  90. Darlan I think XEP-0308 can be a very funny way to troll people :-P
  91. SouL Yes!
  92. SouL Someone told me that exists in Skype that feature
  93. pierreghz It does.
  94. MatthL so does wiretapping and open proxying, maybe that should be added to Gajim too ;)
  95. louiz’ what is wiretapping?
  96. pierreghz louiz’, mise sous écoute
  97. MatthL_ et/ou ecoute electronique
  98. MatthL I was making a joke that skype sucks and thus maybe it's not worth using it as a comparison point ;)
  99. louiz’ ah yeah, right
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  101. Asterix Darlan: OS doesn't matter here, same problem on linux
  102. Darlan oops
  103. Asterix except Tiger said it works under linux mint
  104. Asterix but which version ... I don't know
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  107. Darlan I think it is called Quicklists, an equivalent to the Windows 7 "superbar".
  108. dicson ‎Darlan, #7338. You can write report to ubuntu mainteiner and close ticket
  109. Darlan Good idea
  110. dicson thanks
  111. SouL MatthL: I'm not defending Skype, please!
  112. SouL But it's the first place I've seen this option..
  113. SouL Well, someone told me in fact.
  114. MatthL SouL: can't a guy make a joke? ;)
  115. SouL Of course, make what you want buddy!
  116. SouL :D
  117. MatthL I had to get skype installed on this box for work so I'm a bit raging after skype
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  119. MatthL (WTF DO NOT WANT your multiarch crap!)
  120. MatthL what I want? can I make love to you? :P
  121. SouL Well, first change your sex and then we can talk
  122. SouL Haha
  123. MatthL but you said what I wanted... son, I am [disappoint]
  124. Asterix no need for that, in france gay marriage is now allowed (since yesterday)
  125. MatthL_ Asterix: j'ai vu ca!! vlan dans les dents a la Barjot
  126. MatthL_ je suis certain qu'elle est frigide au lit ;p
  127. Asterix :)
  128. SouL Here it's allowed too but I prefer women xD
  129. SouL I like french because It remembers me to catalan
  130. SouL Sorry for the offtopic :P
  131. MatthL <3 catalan people :]
  132. SouL Ohh, here you have one :3
  133. Darlan Regardless, and I am (thankfully!) not a homosexual person, why do these non-heterosexual want or care for government approval? If you wish to live with same sexual partner than do it without the government on your back.
  134. MatthL Darlan: there are plenty of reasons such as tax reduction, other benefits for couples, as well as social contracts which are otherwise not available to same sex couples
  135. Darlan Tax reduction < the #1 excuse
  136. MatthL if I were gay and my partner was going to school for example, being a "normal" married couple I could deduct my partner's school expenses off my taxes, why shouldn't same sex couples be allowed the same benefits?
  137. Darlan Yes, I understand this.
  138. mathieui Also, there is the case of death in the couple
  139. mathieui the children’s rights, etc
  140. mathieui Also, the #1 reason is « why not? »
  141. MatthL_ ^ this
  142. Darlan Because, frankly, most of these social/government benefits are irrelevant. I think you need to live your life with less taxation as possible and mind your own business, just like USA was after its revolution until 1913 (Federal Reserve Bank).
  143. Darlan Maybe I think so because socialism is not working for the citizens of Israel :-/
  144. mathieui I don’t think the state of israel could be qualified as “socialist”
  145. mathieui But that’s a debate for another place, not gajim’s room ^^
  146. Darlan It is, but you do not get your money back, but the military of Israel.
  147. MatthL Darlan: I think Israel has bigger issues than it's political orientation ;p
  148. MatthL Darlan: that's not socialism ;p but as mathieui said....
  149. Darlan IMHO, we are creating the international problems around. When you hear of figures like "Eli Cohen" (a Mossad spy who was in high echelon of Syrian government) then you bet that there are plenty more spies in Arabic governments that were not basted, yet.
  150. Darlan In regard to social benefits and taxes, I want to pay for services (water electricity etc.) and a constant (not progressive or relative) tax to government, if any - Now live my wealth alone ;-)
  151. MatthL_ do you know how much health insurance costs in the US? for a regular person in their 30s?
  152. MatthL_ up to 1200$/mo
  153. MatthL_ but as mathieui, this is a debate for another chan I think
  154. Darlan Well, then let the morons who eat bad food to die. I do not need to pay for their irresponsibility. since I was 12 years (over 10 years ago) old I never got sick because I stopped to take "medication" pills or any "medical" drug since I was 11.
  155. Darlan Yep, so I cease to discuss about it anymore :-!
  156. SouL I like the system that we have here in Spain, but I think it has to be more controlled.
  157. MatthL I'm sure Franco agrees :p
  158. pierreghz I thought this room was to discuss Gajim.
  159. Asterix yes please
  160. SouL MatthL: Haha
  161. SouL Sorry guys :P
  162. danquebec “Darlan: It is, but you do not get your money back, but the military of Israel.” that’s not socialism…
  163. danquebec You could even say it’s a arm of capitalism and imperialism, this way.
  164. Asterix testing received id is done! I only need to check if it's ok with multiple resource ... but not today, and unfortunatly not next week I think
  165. MatthL danquebec: shuuut sinon harper va te traiter d'antisemite ;p
  166. danquebec Oui.
  167. MatthL Mtl? :)
  168. SouL Ohh, I can understand it without speaking french. It's nice to being near.
  169. danquebec MatthL, non, ville de Québec.
  170. MatthL ah cool :)
  171. danquebec MatthL, t’es du Québec ?
  172. MatthL ouais, Montréal :)
  173. danquebec Ah ^^