Gajim - 2013-04-23

  1. MatthL ohai :) FYI I asked earlier if it was possible to have new convos open automagically in a background tab... this can be achieved with the trigger plugin!
  2. MatthL *Triggers
  3. MatthL "When <Receive a message> for <everybody> and <I don't have a window/tab opened with that contact> then <open a new window with this contact>"
  4. MatthL it doesn't specify but it opens in background as it should
  5. MatthL weird, I came in the room and there was only me
  6. MatthL is there a way to set it that metacontacts are collapsed by default?
  7. 7andrew Could anyone tell me why 'Manage bookmarks' is greyed out? I do have a couple of groups bookmarked, I believe:
  8. 7andrew I am trying to configure gajim so that I automatically join a group on login. At the moment I am automatically joining the server ok.
  9. SouL Hmm,+
  10. SouL I don't know why because I used to use Psi with auto join.
  11. SouL Now in Gajim, it enters automatically, I never configured that
  12. 7andrew I can't bookmark this room either. The word 'bookmark' is in grey when I right click the 'gajim' tab.
  13. vorner Does your „home“ server support private storage?
  14. 7andrew ah, maybe that is the problem. I have access to the server, it is running ejabberd. Maybe I should look in there.
  15. 7andrew ah, and I see now there is an offline bookmarks plugin, which might be better for me than enabling storage on the server: