Gajim - 2013-04-21

  1. SouL Guys
  2. SouL What do you know about "One of the ways is to replace it with Gajim's fork"
  3. SouL
  4. MatthL_ SouL:
  5. MatthL_ "Gajim uses a fork of the xmpppy library to do the interface with Jabber network"
  6. mathieui SouL, look for python-nbxmpp
  7. SouL Oh, so what neutron people want to replace is the library, isn't it?
  8. mathieui Yeah
  9. mathieui neutron currently uses xmpppy, that sucks
  10. SouL Thank you :)
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  14. Asterix Ho I didn't know neutron want to use our xmpp lib It's not released separatly:
  15. Asterix ha .. last neutron commit was in 2009 ...
  16. SouL I'm on russian rooms for find an updated bot
  17. SouL If I don't find nothing, I'll use neutron
  18. SouL I know a guy doing a great bot but it's still working with it and I can't download it right now.
  19. SouL It has GUI
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  22. SouL It would be great to add a scroll on the emoticons window
  23. Asterix I consider emots are not very usefull, it works only if your contact has the same iconset ...
  24. Asterix so keeping a basic emoticonset is enough for me
  25. SouL I wish that XMPP adds something to see smilies of everyone
  26. SouL Sending the image or whatever
  27. Asterix this exists
  28. SouL Really?
  29. SouL In our room we use a pack with 300 ~ smilies, more or less
  30. Asterix I'd really hate this room, or maybe most of you were MSN users ...
  31. SouL Nope
  32. SouL We are users of a forum
  33. SouL And we take the same smilies
  34. SouL And it feels the same experience
  35. SouL I don't know why people "hate" more features.
  36. SouL We don't have to be always on the past
  37. SouL using _only_ text
  38. SouL And I think that isn't bad to have whatever you want
  39. SouL More features = more users
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  41. Asterix I don't hate features, when they are usefull. If you need 5 minutes to choose the smiley that fits the best, and need to move from your keyboard to your mouse, that's not a feature for me.
  42. SouL They use 'shortcuts'
  43. SouL like :happy:
  44. SouL or :lol:
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  47. Asterix Link Mauve: isn't it you who started to implement something like that?
  48. mathieui Asterix, btw it’s “useful” and not “usefull” ^^
  49. Asterix right, thx
  50. Darlan :) :$ :( B) ;) :P :-! :[ :-| :( :/ ]:> :@ :0 :* :D
  51. Darlan The preview guideline of is not the same as in most of the previews presented at
  52. Darlan Please feel free to correct the last submission (MacThemes2)
  53. Asterix no idea why there is a guideline, all emoticon sets don't have the same icons shortcut ...
  54. Darlan I thought was a guideline picture.
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  56. Darlan Would you like to rename .zip files of plugins to .gaj or .gap or .gpl?
  57. Darlan Mozilla uses .xpi which is really a .zip file.
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  59. Darlan Is there a script at trac to convert Adium emoticon map file to
  60. Darlan There are plenty of them at
  61. MatthL_ maybe I should write one... I manually (well, using sed) converted trollicons from pidgin to gajim
  62. MatthL_ looks nice
  63. MatthL_ though the preview is really small which is a big annoying for trollicons (which are bigger than regular emoticons)
  64. MatthL_ bad eyesight? [problem] ?
  65. MatthL_ (that's a troll face ;)
  66. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7333 (Make Emoticons, Iconsets and Themes available through plugin manager) updated New plugins? ThemesPaсkPlugin?, EmoticonsPaсkPlugin? and IconsetsPaсkPlugin??
  67. MatthL_ anyone around knows if the file should be utf8 encoded, or should it contain utf8 strings in the u"" format?
  68. MatthL_ also, will it deal with spaces in file names?!
  69. SouL Hello
  70. SouL What I missed?
  71. MatthL_ SouL: trying to write an Adium > Gajim emoticon pack converter for Darlan
  72. MatthL_ this is where I'm at right now
  73. Darlan Where is the script?
  74. MatthL_
  75. SouL MatthL: I don't know, I did it by hand for Pidgin, Gajim and Psi
  76. MatthL_ cd /path/to/adium/emoticon/pack/directory; ./ >
  77. MatthL_ I did it by hand for trollicons from pidgin too
  78. MatthL_ this require python-plist
  79. SouL Hey MatthL, You can see all the emoticons on the smilies button or you use them remembering the shortcuts?
  80. MatthL_ SouL: hopefully I remember a lot of them ;/
  81. MatthL_ but there's a lot of trollicons and searching for one with the current size is quite hard
  82. SouL MatthL: It crashes when you press the button smilies?
  83. SouL smilies button*
  84. MatthL_ nah it doesn't crash
  85. MatthL_ it's just scalled quite small compared to the original emoticon size
  86. SouL Maybe it supports 30 emoticons
  87. MatthL_ I have like 170
  88. SouL I have 300 more or less and I can use them only with shortcuts but in Gajim they stop working when I close the aplication.
  89. SouL If you have time, it would be nice if you could test them :P
  90. Asterix MatthL: utf-8 encoded is better. u'' won't work with py3
  91. MatthL_ Asterix: how do I export an array without printing the u'' format?
  92. MatthL_ I tried to repr() it but it didn't help
  93. MatthL_ or is the only option doing it manually?? (sorry I'm a total python newbie)
  94. Asterix u'abc'.encode('utf-8') maybe?
  95. MatthL_ yeah so I have to go over the list manually and rebuild it :P
  96. MatthL_ I was trying to avoid that, oh well
  97. MatthL_ Asterix: do you know if Gajim will choke on white spaces in the file names?
  98. MatthL_ otherwise my work is done here: :)
  99. Asterix I don't think so ... to be tested ...
  100. MatthL_ does it normally require a restart when you change the emoticon theme?
  101. Darlan Yes
  102. Asterix it depends on which version of Gajim you use
  103. MatthL_ 0.15.1
  104. Asterix dicson did a commit this morning about that
  105. Asterix so yes I guess so
  106. MatthL_ hehe this morning :P
  107. MatthL_ ok brb
  108. MatthL_ ouch
  109. MatthL_ so with the utf8 file it crashed gajim
  110. MatthL_ and without, every other letter is preceded with one of the emoticons :p
  111. MatthL_ brb :P
  112. MatthL_ test?
  113. Darlan 8-)
  114. MatthL_ oh I was able to revert to trollicons without relaunching
  115. MatthL_ P-[
  116. MatthL_ uggggg there's an empty string in the Adium file... it's a bug in that emoticon set >_<
  117. MatthL_ test??
  118. dicson I fix emoticons problem in gtk3 brunch.
  119. MatthL_ yep there we go
  120. MatthL_ yeah I'm using gtk3 (classic mode)
  121. SouL Someone can test my pack?
  122. MatthL_ link?
  123. SouL
  124. MatthL_ .odt? [uh]
  125. SouL You have to rename it to .jisp
  126. SouL or .zip
  127. Dj_Dexter primer post de konachan jajaja
  128. Dj_Dexter :)
  129. Dj_Dexter ups ´
  130. Asterix dicson: ha yes indeed. You use it everyday?
  131. SouL Wordrpess does not allow you tu upload other formats
  132. Dj_Dexter sorry, i Confused with another windows, sorry xDD
  133. SouL Dj_Dexter: Jajja
  134. Asterix Dj_Dexter: no pb :)
  135. Dj_Dexter SouL: xDD
  136. dicson ‎Asterix, gtk3? yes
  137. MatthL_ Darlan: maybe someone *hint hint* wants to add that script to the wiki? I'm too lazy to bother ;)
  138. MatthL_ dicson: shell or classic mode?
  139. Darlan I can do it if dicson will not :-)
  140. dicson wtf mode?
  141. MatthL_ or cinnamon?
  142. Asterix MatthL: that's sad, you won't have your name in the trac wiki ... :)
  143. MatthL_ if I had cared for credits I'd have put them at the top of the file ;)
  144. dicson ‎MatthL_, I use gtk3 gajim in xfce
  145. Asterix dicson: you have meta-contacts in your roster?
  146. dicson ‎Asterix, yes
  147. MatthL_ dicson: aaah I see
  148. MatthL_ Asterix: yes, plenty of them (across transports too)
  149. Asterix dicson: :( it fails with me, that's the only thing that make it crash here :/
  150. MatthL_ technically across accounts too but it was getting too slow I had to disable an account
  151. Asterix Darlan: could you have MatthL's srcipt to the wiki as you have an account?
  152. dicson ‎Asterix, juick and jef
  153. MatthL_ (takes for ever to draw the contact list)
  154. Asterix dicson: I'll re-try then
  155. Darlan MatthL: Should I submit this script?
  156. Asterix MatthL: it's supposed to wok ... but yes there is place for performance improvement in Gajim ...
  157. Asterix Darlan: no
  158. Darlan Link?
  159. Asterix Darlan: this one:
  160. Darlan ok
  161. MatthL_ or even
  162. MatthL_ it has some of the crap removed
  163. Darlan ok
  164. MatthL_ and possible utf8 encoding if need in comments
  165. MatthL_ but this is the way it worked for me
  166. MatthL_ also it does not check for empty equivalents, might want to put that in a comment at the top
  167. MatthL_ requires python-plist also
  168. MatthL_ fine fine I'll write the doc :p
  169. Darlan MatthL: This script converts *Adium* to Gajim, is that correct?
  170. Darlan I want to submit this script to - please approve, MatthL.
  171. Asterix Darlan: btw should be renamed to QIPEmotionConverter probably
  172. Asterix and this new one to AdiumEmoticonConverter
  173. Darlan ok
  174. Asterix .... if it's for adium ...
  175. Darlan Asterix: Perhaps, for the porpose of better sorting for web-admin, it would be better to name pages as these to EmotionConverterQIP and EmoticonConverterAdium?
  176. MatthL_ Darlan:
  177. Asterix yep right
  178. Asterix "Adium to Gajim emoticon pack converter" so yes it's for adium
  179. MatthL_ act
  180. MatthL_ forgot the warning about empty requivalence, hold on
  181. MatthL_ voila
  182. dicson ‎MatthL_, try: import plistlib
  183. MatthL_ hmmm?
  184. dicson except: print 'Install python-plist'
  185. dicson ooops
  186. MatthL_ aaah right, sure why not :)
  187. MatthL_ thx, I'm new to python :)
  188. Jef looks nice
  189. MatthL_ Darlan: latest and greatest :)
  190. Asterix about last_message_correction: should we see only the previous one in the tooltip or all the history (in case we change it several times)
  191. Asterix in the exceit: sys.exit(1)
  192. MatthL_ oh doh
  193. MatthL_ duh
  194. Darlan MatthL_: You may include your contact information (credit).
  195. MatthL_ meh
  196. MatthL_ it's public domai
  197. MatthL_ n
  198. MatthL_ speaking of wiki and python script, how does one use the thinklight script that's on the wiki? I'm using the keyboard light plugin right now but it's annoying as I can't achieve a simple double flash of the light with it (it's continuously flashing/on until the incoming message is read)
  199. Asterix MatthL: there is a new option in the plugin: "do not flash, only switch it on"
  200. Asterix that's not exactly what you say ... but maybe it's ok for you
  201. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • AdiumEmoticonConverter created Adium to Gajim emoticon pack converter by MatthL • GajimCommunityArt edited Added AdiumEmoticonConverter (diff)
  202. Asterix if someone has some graphical knowing, I need a small icon (16x16) to show next to corrected messages ...
  203. MatthL_ Asterix: yeah but that option keeps the light on
  204. MatthL_ it's what I use now, it's slightly less annoying, but still not perfect
  205. MatthL_ imho
  206. Asterix MatthL: you can change the command to switch on the light to a bash script that makes it blink twice
  207. SouL Tell me something if someone tests my emoticons pack
  208. dicson ‎Asterix,
  209. dicson ‎SouL, don't work for me
  210. SouL What happens?
  211. dicson error in russian
  212. dicson like 'can't load images'
  213. SouL They work for me but only the first time. After, I have to uncompress them again
  214. dicson gi._glib.GError
  215. SouL I tested on other aplications and they work. I don't remember who said that is a bug of pygtk or something like that
  216. dicson I said
  217. dicson I test in gtk3 gajim
  218. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • AdiumEmoticonConverter edited Fix Python syntax highlight (diff) • AdiumEmoticonConverter edited (diff) • attached to AdiumEmoticonConverter Script was written by MatthL
  219. SouL I know some people can't understand that amount of smilies but I wish I can use them nicely on gajim :/
  220. dicson I remove same gif and now it is works
  221. SouL It works always?
  222. dicson yes
  223. dicson I remove a*.gif
  224. SouL All gifs that start with a?
  225. dicson ‎SouL, angelito.gif - wrong file
  226. dicson works fine if I remove this one
  227. SouL why? I mean, the other day was angryyell (I think). What is a wrong gif?
  228. SouL Maybe if I change the name or...
  229. dicson >What is a wrong gif? return info.invoke(cls, *args, **kwargs) gi._glib.GError: Модуль загрузки изображений формата GIF не может понять это изображение.
  230. dicson and no error if I remove angelito.gif
  231. dicson I am not gif guru and I don't know why it is wrong file for gi._glib
  232. dicson Angryyell.gif wrong. nautilus can't show thumbnail...
  233. dicson SouL,
  234. dicson SouL, problem in nautilus and in Thunar ?
  235. SouL dicson:
  236. dicson and? kde now use gtk?
  237. SouL I don't understand you. It seems like you can't preview the gif and I have taken a screenshot to show you what I see
  238. dicson ‎SouL, If you will use you pack in Gajim - remove Angryyell.gif
  239. Asterix GTK can't read this file, we can't do anything about
  240. Asterix your screenshot shows that it seems that KDE can, but not GTK
  241. dicson ‎SouL, you can write bugreport to gtk developers
  242. Asterix or maybe this GIF is really buggy, and KDE is more tolerant.
  243. SouL dicson: angelito or Angryyell?
  244. dicson Angryyell
  245. Darlan Will GTK drop gif support in future?
  246. dicson GPicView show this file...
  247. dicson ‎Darlan, I do not know
  248. Darlan >‎[07:11:26 PM] ‎SouL: I know some people can't understand that amount of smilies but I wish I can use them nicely on gajim We need to add more strings to of emoticons for Gajim.
  249. dicson 360 files in emoticons pack....
  250. Asterix Darlan: there is no reason to drop this support IMHO
  251. Darlan I hope not. But if they do then we can try to persuade them to use APNG (animated PNG).
  252. Asterix they can support both
  253. Asterix s/can/should
  254. Darlan Indeed
  255. Darlan It is kind of strange that Mozilla has repeated the mistake (so I think) of the GIF makers by not naming APNG files to .apng
  256. SouL [18:30:02] <Asterix> GTK can't read this file, we can't do anything about ← Pidgin is GTK, isn't it? In Pidgin they work.
  257. SouL I'm not a developer so I don't know, that's why I'm here
  258. Asterix SouL: nautilus and Thunar can't, or there was an error when you copied the file ...
  259. Darlan SouL: Perhaps Pidgin has its own .gif rendering code.
  260. Darlan Unisys Patents Expired, But Patent Threats Continue
  261. Darlan SouL: May you post a link to the file that you are discussing about?
  262. SouL The original angryyell?
  263. SouL Ok
  264. SouL
  265. SouL well direct link
  266. SouL
  267. Asterix should it be annimated?
  268. Darlan Asterix: GTK can't play that specific gif file or gif in general?
  269. Asterix it's not animated in firefox
  270. Asterix this specific one
  271. Darlan Asterix: I will export it with GIMP
  272. SouL
  273. SouL It's animated yes
  274. Darlan Even Viewnior can't display it.
  275. Darlan Damn, I have a bad frame.
  276. Darlan is still working on a solution... (please hold on)
  277. Darlan :-P
  278. Darlan Error message from GIMP: *The image you are trying to save as a GIF contains layers which extend beyond the actual borders of the image.* The GIF file format does not allow this. You may choose whether to crop all of the layers to the image borders, or cancel this save.
  279. Darlan I will manipulate the frame order and optimize it.
  280. Darlan s/frame/frames
  281. Darlan GIMP Message: *GIF image Message* Delay inserted to prevent evil CPU-sucking animation.
  282. Darlan SouL: test this (I need to reorder frames)
  283. Darlan Frame 7 is completely transparent so I remove it - I will try to optimize the rest.
  284. SouL :angryyell
  285. dicson ‎Darlan, your angryyell works fine
  286. Darlan dicson: There is one invisible frame which is not good - Now I am starting a new gif file and I cut and paste from original.
  287. SouL ← rename it to out.ogv
  288. SouL Darlan: Sorry, I was recording this for show you that they work
  289. SouL What do you want?
  290. SouL Ah, you are modifying angryyell?
  291. Darlan Yes
  292. Asterix SouL: my firefox doesn't show it animated. So I think it's really buggy ...
  293. SouL I use firefox, kinda weird
  294. Asterix Darlan: this one seems ok (at least in firefox
  295. Darlan Asterix: Clear cache and refresh Firefox - the original is not looping
  296. SouL Has anyone seen the video?
  297. Darlan 7th frame is: Frame 7 (0ms) (combine)
  298. dicson ‎SouL, I seen
  299. Darlan The rest are: Frame 8 (0ms) (replace)
  300. Asterix Darlan: it's what I said: old onw doesn't work, yours works (except a blank frame you're working on)
  301. Darlan Yes, but I referred you to the original - not mine. (it does not matter anyway)
  302. Darlan I have never seen different IDs for gif layers. I am thinking of renaming all frames and export with gimp.
  303. Darlan SouL: From 1.7kB to 370 bytes
  304. Darlan Apparently, that gif had frames labeled (replace) that caused this mess - Maybe GTK does not handle these frames or "image has errors".
  305. SouL What did you did, Darlan? Wow, a lot of work for a random guy from internet like me. I'm going to replace it and try it in gajim.
  306. Darlan Steps to reproduce: 1. Open angryyell.gif with GIMP. 2. GIMP will display frames of image with labels/names of frames. 3. Rename all frames to 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. (or other simple names). 3a. Optimize (reduce size and unnecessary frames) angryyell.gif by using Filters > Animation > Optimize (Difference) or Optimize (for GIF) 3b. A new image+window will be displayed. 4. Save (File > Export...) image as filename.gif. 5. Make sure to check the box "As animation" > Export. 4a. Check "Loop forever". 5b. In order to save space, do not check "GIF comment". 6. Done.
  307. Darlan s/4a/5a
  308. SouL *
  309. SouL :salu2:
  310. SouL :salu2:
  311. SouL :angryyell
  312. SouL Darlan: YOU'RE AWESOME
  313. Darlan I am very glad I could help you :-)
  314. SouL Oh fuck yes
  315. SouL Gajim users of my room will be sooo happy
  316. SouL Let's celebrate it
  317. Asterix you offer champagne ? :)
  318. Darlan SouL: Basically, the (replace) frames caused to the unusual playing of this animation. Renaming these frames to (combine) also fixes this issue.
  319. Darlan That is it! No more discussing on gifs or emoticons from my end :-P
  320. Darlan April 21st 2013: Emoticons day in the Gajim realm.
  321. SouL I will remember this day! haha
  322. SouL Thank you, really.
  323. Coolmax!topic/chat/O_GxJrkFHUc they also have problem with gtalk
  324. Asterix 1
  325. Asterix dicson: I see you wrote a patch in #7201 that you didn't commit, it's because you're not happy with it?
  326. dicson #7201
  327. bot dicson: (Prettier and Usable Plugin Manager)
  328. Darlan Correction: My explanation was not accurate. GTK+ does handle replace labels so something other was probably wrong in that image. SouL: Here is another gif which has combine and replace labels in it and is working with GTK+: (724bytes > 580bytes).
  329. Darlan ok bye
  330. Darlan :-P
  331. dicson ‎Asterix, I not remember :-)
  332. Asterix that could be nice to have clickable links (for OTR plugin for ex)
  333. Asterix or roster tweaks
  334. dicson we can try aplly patch :-)
  335. dicson I think I was not sure that we need this feature and not commit
  336. dicson I will try this patch later
  337. SouL Sorry Darlan
  338. Darlan ?
  339. Darlan SouL: I was thinking of sending a bug report to gtk but it seems that it is unnecessary due to false observation.
  340. SouL Darlan: And what is in reality the problem?
  341. Darlan I think it is a border issue with the original image itself as gimp has put it in an error message: The image you are trying to save as a GIF contains layers which extend beyond the actual borders of the image. The GIF file format does not allow this. You may choose whether to crop all of the layers to the image borders, or cancel this save.
  342. MatthL_ speaking of emoticons, if anyone does ruby and wants to add gajim to that'd be awesome :)
  343. SouL Oh... Awesome Darlan. How you guys know that the problem was with angryyell.gif?
  344. Darlan I think Asterix and dicson assumed there is a problem because gtk did not display it.
  345. SouL Great..
  346. MatthL_ actually if someone has a github account and is willing to test a bit, I have a patch for the rake file :)
  347. MatthL_
  348. Asterix I know nothing about ruby
  349. MatthL_ me neither
  350. MatthL_ zero, zip, nada
  351. MatthL_ I just found the closest one (miranda) and patched the strings a little until it was right ;)
  352. Darlan MatthL: Send an email to "Sagar Pandya" <>
  353. MatthL_ yeah I guess I could
  354. MatthL_ [overjoyed]
  355. MatthL_ mail sent
  356. Asterix
  357. mathieui Asterix, what does it do when the message is multi-line?
  358. MatthL_ this is using s/pattern/replace/ notation?
  359. mathieui no
  360. mathieui though you could write a plugin that does this quite easily, once the corrections feature is implemented, I believe
  361. mathieui Asterix, do you keep only the last corrected version? (which the screenshot suggests)
  362. Asterix mathieui: it fails :)
  363. mathieui :)
  364. Asterix how can you find bugs in one shot without being able to test it!??!
  365. Asterix mathieui: yes I keep only last one
  366. Asterix ha no it doesn't fail
  367. Asterix sorry it works
  368. Asterix
  369. mathieui I was thinking that you should keep all the previous versions, but the XEP doesn’t cover that
  370. Asterix I asked in this room earlier, got no reply, so I did the easiest way for the moment :)
  371. mathieui but e.g. if you say "asd", then correct it with "sdf", then with "qsd", you can’t know what the first message was, imo you should be able to
  372. Asterix yep, but how to presentthat in the tooltip?
  373. Asterix and before I commit I need to do a few tweaks so it works in MUC too
  374. mathieui for i, correction in enumerate(correction): toooltip += "Correction n°%s:\n%s\n" % (i, correction) ? :p
  375. mathieui But I’m not saying you must do as I say, just pick what you find sensible ^^
  376. Asterix correction 0 means original message? not so obvious ...
  377. Asterix will think about it, but for the moment my bed is calling me, don't you hear?
  378. mathieui Don’t make it wait, then!