Gajim - 2013-04-20

  1. SouL Asterix → It translates quite nice →
  2. MatthL afaik gtalk doesn't support encryption
  3. MatthL at least they don't support SSL for S2S
  4. MatthL and this is nothing new, maybe they disabled it for C2S too?
  5. MatthL doesn't gajim cache the certificate stuff? could be that too
  6. ewanm89 MathL they always have for C2S... and Psi is currently using it, and go read their instructions they specify 5223 and 443 as backup, not 5222 and 80 as backup...
  7. ewanm89 and I'm not getting a certificate error... just a can't connect error...
  8. gleb hi. has anyone tried browsing in gajim? it hangs for me
  9. MatthL_ how does one setup client side certificate? I see where to put the certificate in the account config but not the certificate's key
  10. MatthL_ so I added my client certificate but I still can't login without password
  11. Asterix MatthL: there is a "certificate is encrypted" checkbox, have you checked it? if you do so I think Gajim will ask your pw
  12. dreamboy4u :-)
  13. dreamboy4u wb
  14. Coolmax hello all. I have question to people who have problem with gtalk
  15. Coolmax I also have this problem for two or three days. Is there any solution?
  16. Asterix it seems connecting without ssl works ...
  17. Asterix but it's not really a solution
  18. SouL Hi
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7332 (Persistent (unremovable) atom entries) created Bug description Everytime I launch gajim on my home computer I get the same 2 "New entry received" notifications. Wether I read all of them (clicking on next entry) or close immediately, these notifications are displayed again at next startup. These notifications appears shortly after my GPG passphrase is entered and cont[…] • Gajim_new_entry_received.png attached []
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  21. MatthL_ is there any way to change keyboard shortcuts?? I'd like to remove close on escape
  22. Asterix MatthL: escape_key_closes in ACE
  23. MatthL_ Asterix, merci!