Gajim - 2013-04-19

  1. Matth Hello/Bonjour
  2. Matth of course I find the great MattJ here ;]
  3. Matth I was wondering, is there a way to get tabs to open automagically when a new convo is started?
  4. louiz’ it isn’t?
  5. Matth all I get is a flashing status icon in the roster
  6. louiz’ by “open” you mean “pop the window right in front of you”?
  7. Matth well open the tab in background
  8. Matth to make it easier to find new messages
  9. Matth I scared him off :p
  10. Matth OT, great work btw, I just recently switched and what a relief from Psi or Pidgin... thanks :)
  11. louiz’ indeed
  12. arcade hi all
  13. arcade I have problems connecting to google talk
  14. arcade in account console I see only output packets, but when I try enter this packets over connection I see incoming packets too
  15. Asterix arcade: try running gajim -v from console and copy output to
  16. arcade
  17. Asterix arcade: you configured a custom host?
  18. Asterix ha it's just that it's not the beginig of the logs
  19. Asterix try "gajim -v &> gajim.log"
  20. Neustradamus SouL: Good question :D
  21. Neustradamus Darlan: I am not a bot, I am a Free man! MacAms: :)
  22. SouL :O
  23. ewanm89 Anyone else been having trouble getting gajim to connect to google talk servers the last couple of days?
  24. pubuntu ewanm89: I've faced no such problems logging in to gtalk
  25. Asterix no problem here, but someone else came earlier for the same reason. we started debugging but he left.
  26. ewanm89 strange both my machines stopped a couple of days ago, I'm using PSI. The only way I can get it to connect is allowing no SSL/TLS on whatever the gmail SVR records directly give, never with encryption or to
  27. pubuntu ewanm89: strange indeed
  28. ewanm89 well, no time to debug now, will have to hope it's something google have done and will resolve itself in a few days.
  29. Asterix yep let's hope that, but that's strange that it's not for everyone
  30. ewanm89 Asterix: not really, considering google run multiple load balanced geologically spread servers and don't make simultaneous changes to them, it's not unusual for google to affect just a small proportion of their users, 0.07% couldn't log into gmail a few days ago for a few hours.
  31. Asterix yep sure ... but in your case it's a few days you have problems ...
  32. Asterix that's a long time for a connection problem
  33. ewanm89 2 to 3, but it's not the first time.
  34. ewanm89 yeah, from multiple locations too...
  35. ewanm89 funny how it's only gajim too, psi connects fine...
  36. Asterix :/
  37. ewanm89 seen it before, bad formatted message and gajim decided to bail is something...