Gajim - 2013-04-17

  1. SouL Neustradamus: You are the same guy that posts on statusnet? And you are the same guy on the right screenshot?
  2. louiz’ aha
  3. louiz’ awesome
  4. Neustradamus SouL: Yes it is me :D
  5. Darlan Neustradamus: is a semi-automated-bot ;-)
  6. MacAms Also at
  7. SouL [07:46:51] <MacAms> Also at ← What?
  8. SouL [03:35:17] <Neustradamus> SouL: Yes it is me :D ← Oh! I know you from your posts about XMPP xD. Why you are on the right screenshot on the gtalk website?
  9. MacAms SouL: Neustradamus, of course
  10. SouL Someone knows something about smilies and Gajim?
  11. dicson >‎[16:03:19] ‎SouL: Someone knows something about smilies and Gajim?
  12. SouL dicson: Thank you, I want to ask something but later. Now I'm going to eat something!
  13. SouL dicson: louiz’ was helping me the other day. I want to know if Gajim has a limit of smilies or something because... This is what I do: 1→ I paste the smilies on the correct directory. 2→ I open Gajim and I can see them on the smilies menu, but I cannot see them if I use it on the chat window. 3→ Gajim gets "blocked" and I have to close it. 4→ When I restart Gajim, it gives me an error (I can paste it somwhere if you know something)
  14. SouL Sorry
  15. SouL Someone said something?
  16. dicson SouL, Paste error in
  17. SouL dicson:
  18. dicson gtk can't load this gifs
  19. SouL Uh? They worked before :S
  20. SouL dicson: How I can modify this to get my smilies working on Gajim?
  21. dicson I not guru in gifs format
  22. SouL Oh..
  23. SouL Well, thanks btw dicson.
  24. SouL If you know someone that knows what I can do.. Please, tell me!
  25. dicson maybe wrong gif or gtk bug
  26. SouL dicson: I did this pack for Gaijim, Pidgin and a JISP (Psi, Kopete, etc) and they work.
  27. SouL It fails on Gaijim, but it loads them.
  28. SouL Someone knows if the documentation of Isida-bot is in English?
  29. Asterix I don't think so unfortunatly :/
  30. SouL Asterix: Do you know what bot for rooms can I use? Without programming. Only configuring it.
  31. Asterix no I don't know ... I use isida, thanks to the help of dicson
  32. SouL I red something about neutron but I don't know... xD
  33. Asterix I used it in the past. less powerfull than isida
  34. dicson SouL, Pidgin and a JISP (Psi, Kopete, etc) do not use PyGtk
  35. dicson SouL, I think bug in pygtk and we can't fix this
  36. SouL Oh..
  37. SouL So dicson, I can't do nothing with that?
  38. dicson just wait for updates
  39. SouL dicson: For updates of.. PyGtk
  40. SouL Sorry, I forget to add a ?
  41. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [575:6631f46bddfb]: ClickableNicknamesPlugin.Support new RTL behaviour in Gajim core gtk3 ClickableNicknamesPlugin.Support new RTL behaviour in Gajim core
  42. SouL So Isida-bot is better than neutron... I don't have any friend that speaks russian xD
  43. Asterix you can talk with bot, it's isida
  44. Asterix help
  45. Asterix tell im help im pm
  46. Asterix him*
  47. Asterix (last message correction is comming ...)
  48. SouL Asterix: Do you know if this room exists?
  49. louiz’ you need to be in the member list to join it, apparently
  50. Asterix funny for a support room ...
  51. SouL Ah, that's why I can't enter... Haha