Gajim - 2013-04-15

  1. Darlan How do I express this with Python?
  2. Darlan align
  3. Darlan How is it possible to detect alignment of GTK+?
  4. 0xAFFE roll a dice (*scnr* :))
  5. Darlan :D
  6. Darlan is rolling a special gtk+ dice...
  7. Link Mauve Why is gstreamer-plugins-bad required for audio/video?
  8. Link Mauve Also, why do I have a contact with a green flower instead of the green Gajim icon in my roster?
  9. louiz’ he uses ICQ ? :^)
  10. Link Mauve I doubt that, his server is and he uses both Pidgin and Gajim.
  11. Asterix we need fsrtpconference, which is there, no?
  12. Link Mauve Ah…
  13. Link Mauve Ah…
  14. Link Mauve There are too many deps to the -plugins-bad, I will try to compile it with just fsrtpconference.
  15. Asterix jit ... it's a common name for icq transports, so we consider it as a icq contact ...
  16. Link Mauve Isn’t there a better way to know if a server is a transport or not? ^^'
  17. Link Mauve Like, disco#info or something.
  18. Asterix yes probably ...
  19. Asterix there is a use_transport_icons option or something like that
  20. Link Mauve The issue here is the heuristics used, I don’t really care about the appearance actually. :p
  21. Asterix it was the starting point of your problem :)
  22. Asterix but yes using ans caching disco#info would be better ...
  23. Link Mauve Isn’t there other stuff affected by that heuristic?
  24. Asterix I don't think so. for caps we cache them
  25. Link Mauve Ok.
  26. MacAms Adding Gajim would be nice
  27. MacAms It would also contribute to its popularity.
  28. Asterix what is trollicons?
  29. MacAms James Lee 6 months ago Adding support for Psi (Jabber/jisp based iconsets)
  30. MacAms Emoticons of rage comics
  31. Asterix they can install it for Gajim if they want ... I don't know what thisd language is and don't have time to contribute there
  32. MacAms ok
  33. Link Mauve MacAms, if you want to do it, here is some documentation:
  34. Link Mauve Meh. :(
  35. Asterix lol
  36. MacAms ??? Link Mauve has been kicked: by Isida!
  37. mathieui :D
  38. Link Mauve Bad bot.
  39. Link Mauve What in my message was considered as bad?
  40. MacAms I think bot was trying to say: Gajim is not a MSN kikoolol client ...
  41. MacAms ^^
  42. Asterix Link Mauve: no idea ...
  43. louiz’ bim