Gajim - 2013-04-14

  1. SouL Hello
  2. SouL I'm in the right place to ask for a issue with Gajim?
  3. SouL Or it's only for developers?
  4. SouL Oh, ok, it's on the Topic, sorry.
  5. louiz’ :)
  6. SouL So here we go! I made an emoticones pack for Gajim (I'm on a forum and we have a xmpp room) but when I run it, it returns the following →
  7. louiz’ seems like your image format is not in the correct format
  8. louiz’ is this a gif?
  9. SouL If you don't understand something, please, tell me I'm not a native English speaker.
  10. louiz’ I understand
  11. SouL louiz’: Well, are both png's and gif's but It does not say what image is wrong
  12. SouL And I don't know how to proceed
  13. louiz’ I see in the sources that default emoticons are png only, aren’t they?
  14. louiz’ ah, no, there are some animated ones
  15. SouL Yes
  16. SouL There are more .gif than .png
  17. louiz’ try, in /usr/share/gajim/src/, line 1894, add print(path)
  18. louiz’ return print(path) self._init_emoticons(path, need_reload)
  19. louiz’ something like that
  20. louiz’ I don’t really know how gtk handles images, but at least you’ll see what image causes the problem
  21. SouL Hang on, please
  22. SouL I've got this on the line 1894:
  23. SouL self._init_emoticons(path, need_reload)
  24. louiz’ yeah, add print(path) just above it
  25. louiz’ indented wit
  26. louiz’ h spaces
  27. SouL Ah, I see. Sorry.
  28. SouL louiz’: ?
  29. louiz’ nope, 4 less spaces
  30. louiz’ same position than self._init_emoticons(…
  31. SouL louiz’: ?
  32. louiz’ yes
  33. SouL louiz’: Now it sais →
  34. louiz’ /home/soul/.local/share/gajim/emoticons/SouL_Iconos_FC
  35. louiz’ it it trying to open that file as if it were a gif image…
  36. SouL Its a directory
  37. louiz’ or is this the directory of your theme?
  38. SouL Yes
  39. louiz’ ah well
  40. louiz’ you need to print(emot_file) line 1869 then :p
  41. SouL Ok! :D
  42. SouL if emot_file.endswith('.gif'): pix = gtk.gdk.PixbufAnimation(emot_file) else: pix = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size(emot_file, 16, 16) self.emoticons_images.append((emot, pix)) self.emoticons[emot.upper()] = emot_file
  43. SouL Where exactly?
  44. SouL I have to delete the print (path) from before?
  45. louiz’ you can, yes
  46. louiz’ put it before if emot_file.endswith('.gif'):
  47. SouL Ok, it has to be on a correct position? (Like the spaces from print (path)) Sorry, I do not programme xD
  48. louiz’ yes, same position than if emot_file.endswith('.gif'):
  49. SouL louiz’: Correct?
  50. louiz’ yes
  51. SouL OMG...
  52. louiz’ OMG
  53. SouL Yes..
  54. louiz’ what ?
  55. SouL louiz’: Check please... xD
  56. SouL All the emoticones..
  57. louiz’ this means that everything is fine, until /home/soul/.local/share/gajim/emoticons/SouL_Iconos_FC/Angryyell.gif
  58. louiz’ it appears that this image is ill-formated or I don’t know
  59. SouL Ahh
  60. SouL I think I have writted right...
  61. SouL I'll try to download the original again
  62. SouL Or somewhat
  63. louiz’ the issue is from the file (the image) itself
  64. SouL Ok
  65. SouL Sorry louiz’
  66. SouL Let me explain it
  67. SouL I deleted and downloaded the new emoticon
  68. SouL Gajim started
  69. SouL But when I click on the smilies button, it makes my computer crash
  70. SouL Maybe it does not support the amount of emoticones I want to use?
  71. SouL I mean, I can use the smilies! :D
  72. SouL But If I click to the button for showing all of them... KBOOM!
  73. SouL xD
  74. SouL That's why I rebooted
  75. louiz’ meh
  76. louiz’ I don’t know, sorry
  77. SouL Thanks a lot btw! :D
  78. SouL French
  79. SouL Oh
  80. SouL If I remove the directory and I paste it again, works
  81. SouL But I cannot open the smilies window
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  84. Darlan When French and German translations be made for plugins?
  85. xbright French are assholes
  86. Darlan xbright: :D
  87. Darlan Most of Gajim users, as far as I know are Spanish, German and French.
  88. xbright bunch of monkeys
  89. Darlan At least they are not Israelis (thanks the sun) ;-)
  90. dicson Darlan,
  91. dicson :-)
  92. Darlan dicson: Thank you for letting me know of command msgunfmt (uncompile message catalog from binary format). I was thinking of using it against to phrase RTL or LTR for the rest of the bidirectional issues I have listed at
  93. Darlan Do you have another way of reading inside .mo files without msgunfmt?
  94. dicson no
  95. Darlan oh, it is xbright's website :-)
  96. Darlan I like this website!
  97. SouL [15:40:37] <xbright> bunch of monkeys ← I'm Spaniard, you could be more respectful
  98. Darlan Concerning to I want to do this: [if] is LTR [then] use LTR direction_mark and the opposite.
  99. xbright SouL, I'm french :P
  100. xbright I was just joking!
  101. dicson :-D
  102. SouL Sorry, I didn't get it because I'm new here and I don't know how are you! Haha I do jokes of this kind sometimes... xDD
  103. Darlan ^_^
  104. louiz’ ^__^
  105. SouL Hi louiz’ :D
  106. louiz’ hi :)
  107. danquebec :D
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  109. SouL Dj_Dexter: xD
  110. Dj_Dexter SouL: :)