Gajim - 2013-04-13

  1. michalxo hello guys!
  2. michalxo could you please tell me, what does that "yellow warning sign" means?
  3. michalxo
  4. Asterix pout your mouse on it, you should have a tolltip
  5. Asterix it's supposed to means that your contact didn't received the message
  6. michalxo but he did received them
  7. michalxo and we talk normally
  8. Asterix it's client seems to announce it supports the feature, but it seems it doesn't ...
  9. michalxo and it;s the only contact
  10. Asterix is it possible that it was connected with several resources before the screenshot?
  11. vorner michalxo: There's a protocol for the other side to acknowledge a message has arrived (which is handy if one side has crappy connection). This might happen if the other client claims to send the ACKs, but does not really send them.
  12. michalxo ok, so what can/should I do, when I want to get rid of them? :-) force my firend to use other client then PSI? :D
  13. Asterix is it possible that it was connected with several resources before the screenshot?
  14. michalxo *so it's kopete
  15. michalxo Asterix, I don;'t understand your question..
  16. vorner Maybe ignore them for this one contact?
  17. Asterix I'd prefer to understand why it happens
  18. michalxo i ( vorner is it possible to set them somehow automatically? Cause I am ignoring it for ffew months..)
  19. Asterix if a contact is connected twice, you see a (2) next to its name in your roster
  20. michalxo Me gajim > gmail -> gmail < kopete Him
  21. vorner I don't know. It never happened to me.
  22. Asterix like pacholeq in your screenshot
  23. michalxo Asterix, nope, that particular is connected just once
  24. michalxo hmm
  25. michalxo could it somehow have connection, that when I log into gmail via web browser, then I "trigger" something?
  26. Asterix you don't use a gmail account, do you?
  27. michalxo i do
  28. Asterix ok
  29. michalxo but it works this way too with pure jabber to jabber server
  30. Asterix then yes when you log on web service you probably connect a second time ...
  31. Asterix so you are connected twice
  32. Asterix but this happen only with this contact ?
  33. michalxo yes, only with that one... :(
  34. vorner I've heard a friend of mine mention the problem too. I'll ask if he knows what client the other side used.
  35. vorner I suspect it might be bug of the other side's client.
  36. michalxo Seems like he uses Kopete 1.4.2
  37. michalxo ok htank you guys. Btw, when should I come here again to ask if somehing new about this "bug"?
  38. vorner It could be helpful if you capture some protocol through the XML console. Without it, it is hard to know what is really happening.
  39. Asterix michalxo: coul you open xl console (actions -> advanced) and send him a message?
  40. Asterix and copy what is printed in console
  41. michalxo
  42. michalxo but no response from him
  43. Asterix ok, could you do another test: still in XML console, could you send him that:
  44. Asterix (2s)
  45. Link Mauve His clients advertize support for <feature var="urn:xmpp:receipts" /> though.
  46. michalxo Asterix, as normal msg or as XML input?
  47. Asterix yep it's what I was testing
  48. Asterix no nothing, I did it, and his client says it supports the feature
  49. Asterix but when we request it, it doesn't reply
  50. Asterix so the bug is definitly in his client
  51. michalxo
  52. Asterix yep, his client is supposed to answer you ...
  53. mathieui Asterix, fyi, someone (danquebec) suggests that you add a group_corrections option (or whatever) so that people can disable the special UI changes associated with 0308
  54. mathieui (I believe he’ll come here at some point today to talk about it, if you have objections)
  55. Asterix I don't, but yes discussions are welcome
  56. Asterix I finished the sending part.
  57. Asterix I can now correct messages
  58. Asterix but we still see them as new messages for the moment
  59. mathieui no problem, it was just to make the suggestion before you have implemented everything, so that you don’t have to make potentially painful modifications :)
  60. Asterix danquebec: hi
  61. danquebec Hi Asterix
  62. danquebec Hum… I heard you were writing gajim support for correcting messages
  63. Asterix so it seems you wanted to be able to disable last message correction?
  64. Asterix yep
  65. danquebec Well, yes. But what would be even better, is that the client would take it into account, but would, instead of correcting the message, post a message like… “Asterix correcs his message as follow: “[…]”” or something like that
  66. danquebec To leave the original message there
  67. Asterix it's up to the receiving client to do that
  68. danquebec Yea, I know…
  69. danquebec If it wasn’t clear, I was proposing an option that would do that.
  70. louiz’ he wants that in gajim :p
  71. Asterix ha ...
  72. Asterix what we discussed was to have an icon next to the message saying that it was corrected, and have the original message in a tooltip
  73. danquebec I’d prefer being able to see the original message directly, without having to hover my mouse over anything, personally.
  74. vorner I would probably not even notice the correction if it happened not to add a new message
  75. louiz’ that’s the point of message correction
  76. louiz’ to not clutter the conversation with correction messages
  77. louiz’ you’re not supposed to see the correctio
  78. louiz’ n
  79. Asterix I agree with louiz, but a plugin that would change the behaviour could be what you want
  80. Asterix if I make things so that it's plugin'able
  81. danquebec Ah, cool.
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