Gajim - 2013-04-11

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  2. Asterix Hi all, I need your ideas on the GUI way to implement last message correction
  3. Asterix first on the sender part
  4. Asterix swift does it with ctrl + up
  5. Asterix but we already use this shortcut to re-send a previously sent message.
  6. mathieui Ctrl + left ?
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  8. Asterix it's used to go to next / previous word
  9. mathieui oh
  10. louiz’ or click on the message you want to correct? and fill the input with it (with something showing that this is a correction)
  11. Asterix yep, but this mean move your hand to the mouse ...
  12. mathieui louiz’, correction of any previously sent message is out of scope :D
  13. louiz’ a lot of things are done with the mouse in gajim anyway, no?
  14. Asterix swift write "correcting" on the right of the text buffer
  15. Asterix we can do a lot with keyboard only
  16. mathieui is ctrl + space taken ?
  17. Asterix yep why not
  18. Asterix do we allow to correct ONLY the last one or previous too?
  19. louiz’ only the last one afaik
  20. mathieui Do what you want :D
  21. mathieui imo only the last one is worth it
  22. louiz’ -afaik+imo
  23. Asterix it's what swift do
  24. louiz’ poezio too
  25. Asterix good
  26. Asterix so ctrl+space isn't too obsure?
  27. louiz’ in poezio it’s /correct <message here>
  28. Asterix or ...
  29. Asterix maybe we can do that way
  30. mathieui Asterix, you could put a button alongside the formatting options
  31. louiz’ doing /correct [TAB] fills the input with the message to fix
  32. Asterix ctrl+up -> backgroup color of textview change and we write correcting on the right if we press ctrl+up again, we go back to the previous behaviour
  33. louiz’ yes, ctrl+space AND an additional button somewhere
  34. Asterix /correct is a good idea, yes!
  35. Asterix a button why not, for mouse lovers
  36. louiz’ I think a lot of gajim users don’t ever use things like /command or keyboard shortcuts
  37. mathieui well, “normal” end-user don’t necessarily remember shortcuts (or even know about them)
  38. mathieui well, “normal” end-users don’t necessarily remember shortcuts (or even know about them)
  39. louiz’ indeed
  40. Asterix no, but I would use that rather than mouse ...
  41. louiz’ yes, so implement both ways
  42. Asterix ctrl+space sounds better to you than my ctrl+up solution?
  43. louiz’ ctrl+space sounds strange to me, but I don’t think that changing ctrl+up behaviour is a good idea
  44. mathieui Asterix, imo ambiguous behavior is confusing
  45. mathieui one shortcut should do one thing
  46. Asterix I agree, but as louiz’ ctrl+space isn't intuitive at all...
  47. Asterix and I could say ctrl+up is here to go in the sent history, we just add an item in this history: last message to correct
  48. mathieui Yeah, it makes some sence
  49. mathieui sense*
  50. Asterix and visibly clear than we edit it
  51. Link Mauve Ctrl-space is usually used to toggle the input method.
  52. Asterix ha ok
  53. Asterix ok I'll try with ctrl+up ...
  54. Asterix second point: on the receiving part
  55. Asterix we just change the text, no way to see the first uncorrected stanza?
  56. Asterix XEP says we should show that it has been modified
  57. louiz’ in poezio you can type /display_correction and all the correction history is displayed in a « popup »
  58. Link Mauve In poezio I chose to display a number to show the number of corrections made to a single message.
  59. mathieui Asterix, since you have a gui, you can do cooler stuff
  60. Asterix tooltips?
  61. mathieui like a small icon besides the message, then a tooltip to display corrections
  62. louiz’ that would be great
  63. Link Mauve I wanted to change the color of that number when the distance between two corrections is too far, but I didn’t yet.
  64. louiz’ hover the message and display the history in a tooltip
  65. louiz’ and yes, a small icon like the “warning, message not received”
  66. louiz’ (but a different one, of course)
  67. Asterix and how to show in the GUI that the message has been modofied and has a tooltip?
  68. Asterix ha yes
  69. Asterix an icon like that
  70. Asterix ok nice
  71. Asterix louiz’: poezio gere pas les invitations? :)
  72. louiz’ non :p
  73. mathieui ça fait un moment que j’ai pas testé
  74. mathieui mais pas les directes
  75. Asterix Thanks for your ideas, now I'll play with implementing that
  76. Link Mauve Pourtant j’ai /invite et /invitations. ^^'
  77. louiz’ ça le gérait mais c’est plutôt cassé et j’aime pas cette feature
  78. louiz’ je préfère /query louiz’ "viens sur"
  79. Asterix louiz’: ben je t'invite a nous rejoindre dans la room tu sais laquelle alors :)
  80. louiz’ :)
  81. Asterix Link Mauve: so you keep in mem the full stanza of the last message or only the text?
  82. Link Mauve It’s an intermediate representation, the stanza itself is ditched after being transformed.
  83. Link Mauve We shouldn’t do that if we were following the spec to the letter, but I don’t think it hurts.
  84. Asterix won't be easy to implement. The GUI part don't get the stanza after the lower level generates it ...
  85. Asterix I have the Ctrl+up logic + textview background color changement... let's think to the rest in my bed, GN