Gajim - 2013-04-09

  1. Darlan louiz’: Bonjour ^_^
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  4. Darlan #5481
  5. bot Darlan: (Use Windows-lookalike-theme on Windows by default.)
  6. Darlan Windows users, please submit a comment at #5481.
  7. 0xAFFE Darlan, the default windows theme is just ugly and does not work well
  8. 0xAFFE glossy-js just looks better
  9. Darlan 0xAFFE: Indeed, there are texts that are cut (e.g. tabs), which is not good. But I think most of the Windows users expect to see a style of the default Windows theme.
  10. Darlan Maybe the theme issue will be solved with GTK3.
  11. 0xAFFE Darlan, yeah, but as Zash noted some years ago, it does not look like a native app
  12. Darlan This is relevant to Vista and 7: Perhaps using imitations like "Win2-7 Pack" (by juandejesuss <>)
  13. Link Mauve Darlan, you could perhaps try the gtk3 branch on windows.
  14. Link Mauve I don’t think many people can test it, here.
  15. borenkod Hi, all
  16. borenkod little question. Did anybody khow how can i subscribe my function on gajim global status change event
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