Gajim - 2013-04-07

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7329 (Compact download page) updated I am currently modifying  this example page For Source, Mercurial, Windows and maybe even for Autopackage, we would have to add something based on this javascript code: if (distro == 'openSUSE' || distro == 'SLE') { $('#soo_ymp').show(); $('#soo_section_ymp').show(); $('#soo_section_toggle_ymp span').text(hidetext); $('#soo_section_repo').hide(); $('#soo_section_tog[…]
  2. Darlan Q: /etc/apt/source.list or /etc/apt/sources.list (source or sources?)
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  4. Darlan I have uploaded an incomplete download page. I think of making larger spaces between buttons of different rows, and maybe even use 64x64 pictures for buttons because 48x48 logos look bad with longer names like openSUSE, Slackware or making the logos to be aligned from the center.
  5. Asterix current dl page is a php page:
  6. Asterix then I have a script that get it in all languages and save them as html
  7. Darlan I do not know what this means.
  8. Darlan Might be relevant
  9. Darlan Asterix, would you be able to adjust that page to your type of php pages?
  10. Asterix yes I'm able, but as I already told you, I don't have time
  11. borenkod Hi all
  12. borenkod Hi, I'm wrote simple plugin that add appindicator support
  13. borenkod can you help me with gajim api?
  14. borenkod I need to handleevent when roster window show/hide
  15. borenkod look: subscribe my "on_event_added" to message events
  16. borenkod can i subscribe on main window show/hide event such manner?
  17. borenkod is there anybody there?
  18. Darlan Asterix: I will complete what I can and you do the rest whenever you will and would have free time for this task.
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7306 (Changing policies in packaging translations in Windows Installer) updated Replying to Darlan: For every language listed under "Translations status" at I think it would be appropriate to make a specific selection check-box in installer. This is exactly how it is with  Psi (official branch). Another suggestion is to include  Snarl &  PySnarl inst[…]
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  21. Darlan Please reconsider #5481
  22. Darlan Even GIMP and Pidgin use the native theme of Windows.
  23. borenkod Just wrote appindicator support plugin and place it here
  24. borenkod Just wrote appindicator support plugin and place it here
  25. borenkod Hi
  26. Darlan Hallo!
  27. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • attached to Ticket #14[] • Ticket #14 (Needs updating on Ubuntu 12.10 : change in libmessaging-menu api) updated in 13.04 ubuntu suppress support tray whitelist and gajim became fully unusable for me. So I wrote simple plugin that add appindicator support to gajim. Since gajim have no GTK3 support and MessagingMenu? have no GTK2 python binding[…]
  28. Darlan I have two windows of LibreOffice Writer opened (35MB RAM) versus Gajim with two tabs and two accounts connected (38MB RAM). :-/
  29. Darlan AbiWord, GIMP, Pidgin, Claws Mail and StarDict.
  30. borenkod Hi
  31. borenkod sorry, my gajim some times not show anything in this conference
  32. borenkod did you now how i can place my plugin to
  33. Darlan borenkod: You should ask Asterix for access to hg in order to do so.
  34. Darlan borenkod: Read under "Share a plugin"
  35. borenkod thanks
  36. borenkod Asterix: Hi, i make plugin that support appindicator
  37. borenkod
  38. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • AppindicatorSupportPlugin created New plugin AppindicatorSupportPlugin, created by BDenis • WikiStart edited New plugin AppindicatorSupportPlugin, created by BDenis (diff)
  39. borenkod Asterix: how can i add plugin to
  40. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • AppindicatorSupportPlugin edited (diff)
  41. Asterix Hi borenkod
  42. Asterix borenkod: I replied in the ticket, I think we should keep the same name and consider your plugin as the upgrade of the old one, no?
  43. borenkod I think its different. 'Ubuntu integration' use pithon-indicate and may work on old releases.
  44. Asterix ha ok, I thought the old plugin doesn't work anymore
  45. borenkod i think it work on 12.04 LTS
  46. Asterix it works in which ubuntu version? I'll add it to the description
  47. borenkod but i'm not shure
  48. borenkod as i remember, MessagingMenu replace Indicator in 12.10
  49. Asterix ok
  50. borenkod When you plan realese gtk3 version?
  51. Asterix so now for your code there are 2 solutions: I can givce you hg access so you can commit your code and maintain it, or I can just commit it for you
  52. borenkod i saw gtk3 branch
  53. Asterix it's not fully ready, there are still problems with meta contacts and I'm not able to solve them I asked in GTK ML and got no reply
  54. borenkod what is 'hg'?
  55. Asterix mercurial
  56. borenkod never work with it
  57. borenkod will try with pleasure
  58. borenkod may be i can wrote messaging menu support for gtk3
  59. Asterix ha great !
  60. Asterix ok then I give you mercurial access
  61. Asterix in pm
  62. borenkod did you think about file transfer encryption?
  63. borenkod thanks
  64. Asterix we have that in the default branch. It wil be in 0.16 release thanks to Jef :)
  65. Jef :P
  66. Asterix btw Jef what's the status of your file sharing plugin?
  67. Jef there's been a lot of changes to the protocol
  68. Jef I'm working with Dianna and Lance to finalize them
  69. Jef the search feature was removed to make it simpler
  70. Jef the people on Yate are working on one too
  71. Jef it would be nice to have the same protocol
  72. Asterix yep indeed
  73. Jef I'm afraid of having several incompatible versions
  74. Asterix of the plugin?
  75. Jef yes
  76. Asterix no problem, the plugin is not public for the moment
  77. Jef yea, as soon as the xsf sets the status of the protocol to experimental, the plugin should be released
  78. Asterix did they talk about it recently? I don't think I saw messages about it ...
  79. Asterix is the last versino of the XEP in their inbox?
  80. Jef no, I need to send a patch to Saint Peter
  81. Asterix ha ok
  82. Asterix nice that things progress
  83. Asterix this is a very cool feature
  84. Jef although it has been very slowly
  85. Darlan What do you think of the AptURL? (under Ubuntu)
  86. Asterix I don't have ubuntu so I can't test what it does
  87. Darlan As I recall, it is invoking package manager of Ubuntu. But never mind what that does, how do the button/title look? :-D
  88. Darlan @Ubuntu users: What happens when you enter in URL of web browser this?: apt://gajim
  89. Darlan borenkod: If you may.
  90. Asterix I'm not a browser, I have difficulties to see how thinhs look like when I read HTML code :)
  91. Darlan I load it locally, but when I do it via http:// I use Open in Browser Extension
  92. leonard I've just booted an ubuntu live cd and when i enter apt://gajim it opens the software center
  93. pierreghz leonard, if it uses Firefox, I think it’s just a matter of configuring Firefox.
  94. pierreghz Preferences — Applications or something.
  95. borenkod Hi all, can you help me. When i want to show gajim window i use gajim.interface.roster.window.present()
  96. borenkod but in ubuntu gajim opened window sometimes stay in the background
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  98. borenkod only icon blink
  99. Asterix it depends on the window manager configuration
  100. borenkod Did you know, is that ubuntu bug?
  101. borenkod Ok, that is what i think
  102. Asterix "gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance" does better?
  103. borenkod may be, i just can't understand gajim api and can't find reference
  104. Asterix try typing gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance in a console
  105. borenkod this show me second rodster window :)
  106. borenkod Sorry, i have to gajim started
  107. dicson :-)
  108. Asterix haaa ouf
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  110. borenkod gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance -- can i do that from api?
  111. dicson see
  112. dicson def toggle_roster_appearance(self): .....
  113. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [565:274af8dc1435]: [appindicator_integration] delete wrong icon default [appindicator_integration] delete wrong icon • Changeset [566:c9be8e1b2edc]: merge appindicator default merge appindicator
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  115. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [568:be76a90b21e0]: [appindicator_integration] roster_rise() improve default [appindicator_integration] roster_rise() improve
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