Gajim - 2013-03-24

  1. dicson ‎Asterix,I think this bug is present in 15.3
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  3. Asterix dicson: the change_style bug?
  4. Asterix we don't have user data, so no:
  5. Asterix under gtk3 userdata is no more optional
  6. dicson ok
  7. mrDoctorWho Asterix: Hi. Can i ask you question in pv?
  8. Asterix if it's about your account I can answer here: I'm sorry but find another server ...
  9. Asterix Once aggain your account has been spammed and our server had very long offline time because of that
  10. mrDoctorWho Asterix: yes, about that, but something more
  11. mrDoctorWho Asterix: not about deletion
  12. mrDoctorWho Asterix: so, can i?
  13. Asterix don't ask to ask, just ask
  14. vorner Hello. I'm writing a jabber server in perl, mostly as an experiment. And it seems I find bugs in all the clients I try against it.
  15. vorner With gajim, I found two problems. First, if the TLS handshake fails the hard way (eg. the server drops dead during the handshake), gajim correctly reports the connection failed. But when I try again (after restarting the server), it doesn't even send the <starttls> and stays confused.
  16. vorner The other, I didn't implement resource binding yet. Gajim tries to bind even if it is not advertised in features, but, well, what can it do otherwise. But the server answered with error and gajim complained that authorization failed, to check password ‒ which is obviously the wrong error message to show.
  17. Asterix vorner: the logs of gajim -v could help understand what happens
  18. vorner Good idea, I'll try. Once I have time.