Gajim - 2013-03-15

  1. leon Asterix, ‎[22:43:04] ‎Asterix: leon: and then can you resolve?
  2. leon yes I can
  3. Asterix haaaa, so calling this __res_init() is a working workarround
  4. leon though I have no idea what __res_init() does
  5. leon apparently
  6. Asterix it forces glibc to re-read resolve.conf
  7. leon ok
  8. Asterix I wonder if it's needed for every distro and should be in python-nbxmpp, or only in distro packages :/
  9. leon it shouldn't break anything on any distro, should it?
  10. Asterix no I'll put that in a try/except, but that cases to reload resolve.conf unnecessarily for all users that don't change network (probably quasi-all users)
  11. leon yes..
  12. leon it shouldn't be gajim's responsibility to check if the user's changed network, really
  13. Asterix installing nscd should also resolve your problem
  14. leon or python-libasyncns, i guess
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  16. Asterix no I don't think libasyncns will help. It just do the resolving in an async way, but I don't think it will help with the network changement
  17. leon ah, right