Gajim - 2013-03-14

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  3. leon Asterix, got something for you --
  4. Asterix haa ... so it's not my fault if python don't resolve correctly ...
  5. leon yes
  6. Asterix and if you try to reload the socket module?
  7. leon I can clearly see getaddrinfo having cached not only old nameserver address, but the whole resolv.conf:
  8. Asterix reload(socket)
  9. leon (it's also stored the search domain)
  10. Asterix yep ...
  11. leon socket = reload(socket)?
  12. leon no, it doesn't help
  13. Asterix ok
  14. Asterix and if you start a new python console, I guess it now works ? (do that in a new term, and keep the old one opened, I look for othyer things)
  15. leon in the old console, not even this helps:
  16. leon >>> import socket as socket2 >>> socket2.getaddrinfo('', 5222, socket.AF_UNSPEC, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
  17. Asterix ok
  18. leon yes, a new console works
  19. Asterix ok
  20. Asterix it seems it's a glibc thing:
  21. leon i have to go now, but i'll leave the consoles open so we can try later
  22. leon ah
  23. Asterix ok thanks
  24. Asterix I try to find if there is a way to workarround that
  25. leon
  26. Asterix I don't see any solution there ... or I'm blind
  27. Asterix the glibc guys seems to say "use nscd"
  28. Asterix ha ...
  29. Asterix if you still have the console opened, here is somethoug to try: >>> import ctypes >>> libc = ctypes.CDLL('') >>> res_init = getattr(libc, '__res_init') >>> res_init(None)
  30. Asterix and it seems debian has a patch in libc6 for that issue:
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  33. daurnimator hi everyone
  34. daurnimator *test*
  35. daurnimator so somehow when gajim starts on startup; it can't use the network
  36. daurnimator but if I close gajim and open it again, it works fine
  37. leon Asterix,
  38. Asterix leon: and then can you resolve?
  39. Asterix daurnimator: it's because python cannot re-read resolve.conf once it's started. We are discussing the same problem with leon
  40. Asterix daurnimator: which distribution?
  41. daurnimator I'm on arch
  42. Asterix and you leon ?
  43. Asterix it seems a patch is in debian:
  44. daurnimator Asterix, ah ha, so at least it is a known issue
  45. Asterix daurnimator: yes, but it's not in Gajim, it's in glibc ... see
  46. daurnimator Asterix, so that debian bug report says it was fixed upstream in glibc.... I'm suprised the bug still exists on arch if thats the case
  47. Asterix no I think it's fixed because of the attached patch, no?
  48. Asterix but I can't test, I don't have several networks to test on
  49. daurnimator "We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of glibc, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive"
  50. Asterix yes because the last version of glibc in debian contains the patch
  51. daurnimator Asterix, hmm, okay, so no nice fix for me?
  52. daurnimator are you able to add some sort of hack into gajim to get around it?
  53. Asterix daurnimator: I wait leon's result of a test I asked him
  54. Asterix I'll see tomorow, GN guys