Gajim - 2013-03-13

  1. Darlan xbright: Nice Hugo Chavez avatar :-)
  2. xbright Darlan, Thanks. :)
  3. Darlan You are welcome.
  4. NK hi, plz add me to members (for this @conf,) thx
  5. Maranda raises an eyebrow.
  6. Asterix Link Mauve: about the register button in disco: Gajim replies with this strange error message because the received form from the server when we register doesn't have an "instruction" tag nor a dataform.
  7. Asterix we could be able to change pw from there ...
  8. Asterix I just tried faking a instructions tag, I can change pw, but it also adds the server in my contact list (it's supposed to be for registering transport, so it adds it to roster, normal)
  9. Asterix I don't know what to do ... jabber:iq:register is exposed, so I don't thing removing the "register" button is a good idea, but registering from there is not the same thing as registering to a transport ...
  10. Link Mauve Asterix, yeah, I don’t know either what would be the best thing to do.
  11. leon hi
  12. leon hi
  13. leon after I suspend my laptop and move to a different network, gajim tries to resolve hosts using the resolver from the old network, instead of the updated one from /etc/resolv.conf. See a tcpdump:
  14. leon is the resolver in the old network
  15. leon would anyone know why it does that? I couldn't find any sort of caching the resolver address from a quick look into src/common/
  16. leon (this is fedora 18, gajim from hg @changeset: 14430:4672a8d732f5)
  17. leon after restarting gajim, it works correctly
  18. Asterix I don't think it's Gajim's fault, is it?
  19. Asterix we don't do the reslove ourself, it's python
  20. leon I don't know
  21. leon what library does it?
  22. leon ah, import libasyncns
  23. Asterix you have python-libasyncns?
  24. leon ah, apparently not
  25. Asterix ok so no problem
  26. Asterix give me 2 minutes, I look something you could test
  27. leon ok
  28. Asterix could you open a python console and try that: >>> import socket >>> socket.getaddrinfo('', 5222, socket.AF_UNSPEC, socket.SOCK_STREAM) Change network and re-try the getaddrinfo line
  29. leon ok, I'll try that next time I change network
  30. leon if that fails, it's a getaddrinfo problem, I guess
  31. Asterix or the way we use it ...
  32. Asterix but you're not the first one talking about this problem. So I'm interested in the results of the test
  33. leon alright