Gajim - 2013-03-12

  1. Maranda Asterix, "servers showing as transports" into the Service Discovery browser is intended into latest Gajim trunk?
  2. Maranda (aka they look like components?)
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7320 (Servers get shown as components into the Service Discovery browser) created Bug description Summary is self descriptive, this is what it looks like: Steps to reproduce Just open the browser. Software versions OS version: Ubuntu 12.04.1 GTK version: 2.24.10 PyGTK version: 2.24.0
  4. Asterix Maranda: on which server?
  5. Maranda Asterix, any
  6. Asterix ha
  7. Asterix it's a feature
  8. Asterix so you can interract with the server itself
  9. Maranda is it?
  10. Asterix (execute commands, ...)
  11. Maranda "Register" causes something weird though.
  12. Asterix it's on the first line, not in any category
  13. Asterix yep I don't think it's supposed to be enabled
  14. Maranda don't suppose servers would allow subscribing like components at any time
  15. Maranda yup
  16. Asterix I keep your ticket opened to look at this register button
  17. Link Mauve When you click register, you get your nodepart.
  18. Link Mauve It’s kinda useless there, but Gajim displays a wrong error for that.