Gajim - 2013-03-11

  1. Olive 'soir, y 'a t'il des couches tards dans le coin :P
  2. Olive Bonjour, qq saurait m'expliquer comment communiquer avec le nickserv svp ? j'ai réussit lors de mon inscription mais depuis je n'y arrive plus
  3. Olive ah , english room ^^
  4. Olive hi , could someone tell me how can reach nickserv plz , i did once when i registered but i can't do it anymore
  5. Darlan Do you refer to IRC?
  6. Olive darlan, yes irc commands, i'm trying to talk with the nickserv on freenode , and it seems gajim escape my commands or something like that
  7. Darlan I think you need to send command with // or /say
  8. Olive that 's what im trying but it fails with "invalid command blah"
  9. x11term Olive, /say /quote nickserv ....
  10. Olive x11term /say /quote /msg nickserv help ?
  11. Olive /quote nickserv
  12. Olive :P
  13. x11term Olive, [15:03:51] term: /say /quote nickserv help [15:03:51] * nickserv! NOTICE: NickServ allows you to "register" a nickname and pre ...
  14. Olive /quote nickserv help
  15. Olive -_-
  16. Olive does it depend on irc gateway ?
  17. Olive anyway i added nickserv in roster
  18. Olive i can talk to without the /msg
  19. x11term >does it depend on irc gateway ? maybe
  20. x11term ejabberd/mod_irc
  21. Olive IRC Transport CVS 1.107 ?
  22. Olive thank you for your time :)
  23. MonoBOY irc from jabber gateway
  24. MonoBOY ololo
  25. MonoBOY amateur perversions
  26. Olive ? :) , well i need to check multi accounts , gajim is fine ;)
  27. MonoBOY for irc - use kvirc
  28. MonoBOY for example
  29. MonoBOY multiprotokol this is to give you half an apple
  30. Olive hum , i mean i need to check irc, msn , facebook and jabber contacts
  31. Olive it's ok now , a bit hader but at least it works
  32. Olive *harder
  33. mrDoctorWhо. Hi.
  34. mrDoctorWhо. look at this please
  35. mrDoctorWhо. oh, i'm sorry, that's old nbxmpp.
  36. Asterix yep :)
  37. mrDoctorWhо. Asterix: why i cant join here from account? Privacy disabled.
  38. Asterix there is no ban list on my side
  39. Asterix maybe a S2S problem?
  40. Asterix can you discover via service discovery?
  41. mrDoctorWhо. no, can't
  42. mrDoctorWhо. Asterix: is there any way to storage accounts password not in gnome-keyring?
  43. Asterix sure
  44. Asterix use_gnome_keyring in ACE probably?
  45. Asterix it will be stored in plaintext in config file
  46. mrDoctorWhо. aha, thanks, found.
  47. Asterix ha, it seems S2S is fixed?
  48. mrDoctorWhо._ aha
  49. mrDoctorWhо. again s2s failed.
  50. mrDoctorWhо. <=>
  51. mrDoctorWhо. only in rooms
  52. mrDoctorWhо. gajim die if recieved so big message. I know that it maybe not a problem but Qip dont die, it cut messages
  53. mrDoctorWhо. message *
  54. mrDoctorWhо. gajim just disconnected and now overload cpu
  55. mrDoctorWhо. again 404 from jabber ru :/
  56. lior I think you should remove the "Show Roster" menu item from systray menu under Windows.
  57. lior this menu item never worked for me
  58. lior I mean this menu item will never turn to Hide Roster when using Windows
  59. Asterix mrDoctorWhо.: you mean there is a traceback when you get a big message?
  60. Asterix which Gajim version? we fixed something about that recently
  61. mrDoctorWhо. Asterix: lastest from hg, updated ~2 hours ago
  62. mrDoctorWhо. Asterix: no, i mean full freeze of Gajim
  63. Asterix :/
  64. Asterix do you know the message it was? are you able to reproduce?
  65. mrDoctorWhо. yes
  66. mrDoctorWhо. it was ॄ (ord = 2372) * 4000
  67. mrDoctorWhо. or maybe more than 4000
  68. kparal Asterix: ping
  69. kparal Asterix: it's weird but I already had IPython in the ignore list demandimport.ignore += ['gobject._gobject', 'libasyncns', 'i18n', 'logging.NullHandler', 'dbus.service', 'OpenSSL.SSL', 'OpenSSL.crypto', 'common.sleepy', 'DLFCN', 'dl', 'xml.sax', 'xml.sax.handler', 'ic', 'Crypto.PublicKey', 'IPython', 'gst.interfaces']
  70. kparal I'm at changeset 4415185bef98 at default branch
  71. kparal and I still see the issue
  72. Asterix ha so you don't use 0.15 branch
  73. Asterix commit 4415185bef98 is in 0.15 branch
  74. Asterix and if you add decorator in ignore list?
  75. Asterix kparal: ?
  76. kparal Asterix: adding 'decorator' didn't help
  77. Asterix :/
  78. Asterix that's strange that it works for me and not for you
  79. kparal I guess some distribution differences
  80. Asterix and adding "IPython.external.decorator"
  81. Asterix or "IPython.external.decorator.decorator"
  82. Asterix ho .. I'm looking at your TB
  83. Asterix and there is something string in your ipython
  84. kparal didn't help
  85. Asterix File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/IPython/external/decorator/", line 2, in <module> from decorator import *
  86. Asterix I don't have that
  87. Asterix and that's strange, decorator module imports itself ...
  88. kparal that's python-ipython-console-0.13.1-3.fc18.noarch
  89. Asterix I have ipython 0.13.1-2 from debian
  90. Asterix I don't have that installed, only ipython package. But package name vary
  91. kparal it doesn't seem to be a Fedora specific patch:
  92. kparal also python-ipython-console can't be removed, it pulls away even the main package
  93. kparal I just checked, the file is included in the original upstream tarball
  94. kparal so Debian has to remove it, if it is not included or part of a different package
  95. Asterix I don't understand your link ...
  96. kparal that's just a Fedora git repo with RPM spec file and local patches. there are no patches that would touch that file
  97. kparal and that file is in upstream .tar.gz
  98. kparal Asterix: I just downloaded and extracted the Debian package. the IPython/external/decorator/ file is there as well, same contents
  99. Asterix yes but not "from decorator import *"
  100. Asterix ho forget ...
  101. Asterix decorator != decorators ...
  102. kparal right
  103. kparal so you have the file as well, which puts us back where we started
  104. Asterix yep ...
  105. Asterix if ipython is the same, demandimport is in Gajim so it's the same ... what is going wrong !?!
  106. kparal according to the exception, it seems to be running in cycles. demandimport is every second call
  107. Asterix I guess that "from decorator import *" is suposed to raise importError and then from _decorator import * shoulds be called.
  108. Asterix hmm there is nothing in decorator foder. No nore :/
  109. Asterix ha
  110. Asterix the difference is in
  111. Asterix your traceback is line 240
  112. Asterix I don't have line 240 ...
  113. Asterix I have python2.7.3
  114. Asterix could you open a python console and try: >>> from decorator import *
  115. kparal that's python-decorator package,
  116. kparal and I can remove it, hang on
  117. Asterix ha ... I have 3.3.3 and you have 3.4
  118. kparal so, if you look at the exception, the last file entered was /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/
  119. Asterix yep
  120. kparal that actually belongs to python-decorator package, not related to ipython in any way
  121. Asterix yep
  122. Asterix but maybe the problem is here
  123. kparal so I believe that is a different bug, a name collision
  124. kparal after I uninstall python-decorator, I get a different exception
  125. kparal
  126. kparal but I might have screwed something with my edits. can I somehow stash my changes in mercurial and revert to the default state?
  127. kparal I have some local changes that I don't want to lose completely
  128. kparal I'm a git person
  129. Asterix hg di > mydiff.diff
  130. Asterix hg revert -a
  131. kparal ok, the exception is still the same
  132. Asterix no idea what's going wrong. Do you have a way to install python-decorator 3.3.3?
  133. Asterix in the 3.4.0 changelog there are things about contexmanager ...
  134. Asterix ho and your line 240 is suposed to be for py>= 3.2
  135. kparal I installed python-decorator 3.3.3. the exception is the same as without it (fpaste link)
  136. Asterix so it seems in py2 from contextlib import _GeneratorContextManager should fail, but it doesn't :/
  137. Asterix here >>> from contextlib import _GeneratorContextManager fails, does it fail with your py2.7?
  138. kparal should I have python-decorator installed or not?
  139. kparal I don't have it currently, and it fails to import
  140. kparal ImportError: cannot import name _GeneratorContextManager
  141. Asterix ok so if you re-install python-decorator 3.4 and add contextlib in ignore list?
  142. kparal haha
  143. kparal it helped with the first exception. now I arrive at the second exception all the time :)
  144. Asterix ok good!
  145. Asterix now try to add IPython.utils to ignore list?
  146. kparal no change
  147. Asterix and IPython.utils.pyfile?
  148. kparal no change
  149. Asterix :/
  150. Asterix the TB seems to say source_from_cache is a module while the code seems to say it's a function
  151. Asterix ha ...
  152. Asterix try to add "imp" in ignore list
  153. kparal magic
  154. kparal works now
  155. kparal so we need to add 'contextlib', 'imp' to the blacklist
  156. Asterix this demandimport is really a pain in the ass!
  157. Asterix but it speed up startup of Gajim ...
  158. kparal I wondered what it is good for
  159. Asterix it delays the import until we really need it
  160. kparal a python black magic then
  161. Asterix kparal: thanks for the tests, it's now commited in default and 0.15 branch
  162. Darlan Ian Knot, Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot
  163. kparal Asterix: thank you as well
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