Gajim - 2013-03-10

  1. Darlan URANIUM[4KgxowtZtLljRjYFhO3WxqfleGC0aN01GmxhFhtSAQxDzdoCuoxL7r0ZoQsGI5GHN4lgIAvSpzJekcRuga6P76djdr99JCKepOTHcdUT7XL6F2g7rca4DYI4NmVS1cWGfl8Xt7REQbcjqU6mvPcyRQ]: May you shorten your nickname and status message?
  2. justin hi
  3. justin is there any ETA for the next release?
  4. Asterix no ...
  5. justin mmh
  6. justin I constantly get reports asking for backports of fixes.
  7. Asterix you package Gajim?
  8. justin Yes for gentoo linux
  9. Asterix ok
  10. Asterix we try to backport all known bugs to 0.15 branch
  11. Asterix to packaging the 0.15 branch should be ok
  12. justin Is it possible to do a bug fix release of the 0.15 branch?
  13. Asterix yes it is. I merged all bugs in this branch 3 weeks ago, and we don't have any report recently, so a 0.15 release should come quite soon ...
  14. justin that would be great. thanks
  15. Asterix I'll try to do that before next we
  16. justin nice
  17. Link Mauve Asterix, in 2beb33f1103e, in file src/ line 6732 you put two comas at the end of the line.
  18. Asterix arf, right, thanks
  19. Asterix fixed
  20. Link Mauve Under wayland, with the latest revision, I get at connection.
  21. Asterix normal ...
  22. Link Mauve I am unable to test under X currently, so I can’t tell if that is present too or not.
  23. Asterix nbxmpp commit is missing in py3 branch :)
  24. Link Mauve Oh…
  25. Asterix give me 2 minutes
  26. Asterix ok commit transplanted
  27. Link Mauve Is there a reason why nbxmpp doesn’t support both python2 and python3 in the same branch?
  28. Link Mauve And on disco.
  29. Asterix there are quite many diff between both ...
  30. Asterix remove the .decode
  31. Asterix transplanting from py2 branch ...
  32. Asterix fix pushed