Gajim - 2013-03-09

  1. mcepl how can I file a tickets against python-nbxmpp? when starting master of gajim (using python3 branch of the current python-nbxmpp repo) I get
  2. mcepl Neustradamus: do you have some other channel by which I can get your OTR fingerprint? (IRC, perhaps?)
  3. mcepl talking about python-nbxmpp issues (with Python 3)
  4. Link Mauve When doing a discovery of the services, I think it would be cool to have the server itself on top.
  5. Asterix how could we do that without a treevire?
  6. Link Mauve What is a treevire?
  7. Link Mauve There are already “conferences” and “others” expandable items, I think the server would go at the same level, on top of them.
  8. Asterix treeview ...
  9. Link Mauve So that’s impossible with the current widget?
  10. Asterix hmm first line = service itself. That could work for some window, but not if you try to browse a conf service
  11. Asterix and in which case you'd need to service itself?
  12. Asterix to execute ad hoc commands on the server for example?
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  15. Link Mauve Asterix, yes, that’s the use case I had in mind.
  16. Link Mauve And yes, for MUC or PubSub it isn’t possible anymore.
  17. Asterix so you think adding the service as first line for this window is a good idea?
  18. Link Mauve Yes.
  19. Link Mauve That’s how I would search it naturally.
  20. Asterix I'm sure next question will be "why don't we have that for muc and pubsub windows?" :)
  21. Link Mauve ^^
  22. Asterix right click -> execute commands does the same ...
  23. Link Mauve Right click where?
  24. Asterix on account line
  25. Link Mauve Isn’t that directed towards our own bare JID?
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  27. Link Mauve And there are other ways of interaction than adhoc commands, with a server.
  28. Asterix no, right click on a contact (yours or another) will do commands on this contact, but on account row, it's for the account
  29. Asterix we only have browse, commands, register, join and search buttons
  30. Link Mauve Another solution would be that, in the disco window, when nothing is selected the buttons work with the server disco-ed. But that would imply to get a way of unselect the selected item.
  31. Link Mauve Those four other buttons could be exposed by the server. :)
  32. Asterix browse, useless in this case register ...not sure we can register with a server this way join -> useless search maybe if the server is searchable instead of a component??
  33. Link Mauve Hey, nothing prevents a server from exposing the list of its users that way (for example in a closed corporate environment), or to be a conference server too.
  34. Asterix the unselect option you prosoe, I don't think it's obvious that if no row is selected then buttons are for service itself ...
  35. Link Mauve Yeah, me neither.
  36. Asterix nothing prevent it, sure .... but admin has to be "tordu" to do that ...
  37. Link Mauve Totally. :D
  38. Asterix but while having a weird admin, we could also have a server that isn't browsable, but there is a conference.server.tld that is registerable. So we'd have to disco "conference.server.tld". and here we cannot register to it ...
  39. Link Mauve I don’t suggest to entirely replace the list of items of the server by the server itself, just to add an entry with the server to be able to interact with it.
  40. Asterix yep I understand, but if it isn't browsable ...
  41. Link Mauve What you call browsable, is just that it supports disco#items, right?
  42. Asterix yes
  43. Asterix there won't be any way to interrace with conference.server.tld
  44. Link Mauve So the server is by definition browsable, since that’s the query you did to get the list of the subservices.
  45. Link Mauve It would just show the same list again, so either a no-op button or (I’d prefer) a “reload” button.
  46. Asterix if it doesn't answer to disco#items, you won't get the list of subservices
  47. Link Mauve Of course.
  48. Asterix if the only way to know there is a conference.server.tld is to know about it ...
  49. Link Mauve Err, I don’t understand anymore.
  50. Link Mauve It wouldn’t change discoability of subservices to just add a single line to the generic window, would it?
  51. Asterix you browse server -> you don't see anything. But you know (admin told you) there is a conference subservice. So you browse it, you see rooms, but you want to register to it (to register your nick) -> no way to do that in Gajim
  52. Asterix no no, adding the line won't change anything of course
  53. Asterix that just doesn't solve all the problems
  54. Link Mauve Ah yeah, the MUC-specialized disco window lacks a grayed out Register button.
  55. Asterix yep
  56. Link Mauve And you could also imagine a MUC service exposing some adhoc commands.
  57. Asterix yes, indeed ...
  58. Link Mauve Or room searching. :)
  59. Asterix then you kill your admin for not having the server replying to disco#items ...
  60. Link Mauve :D
  61. Link Mauve I think it’s more the disco UI that would need a rethink.
  62. Link Mauve (Not that I am any good at designing an UI, though…)
  63. Asterix all other jabber client I saw do it with a treeview, but I like the way we do it with separate windows ...
  64. Link Mauve Yeah, that’s cleaner, but the specialized windows don’t expose everything the specific server could support.
  65. Link Mauve Maybe the buttons should be “the same” for every window type, and just be hidden when that specific service doesn’t support them?
  66. Asterix the buttons are for the subservices of the window, not the discovered service itself, so I thing we have them all
  67. Link Mauve That way if you stumble on a mega-server-with-everything-exposed, you will be able to display every button you have. :D
  68. Link Mauve So that leaves the problem of getting buttons to interact with the queried server. :)
  69. Asterix yep exactly
  70. Link Mauve Ah, another issue I had with the disco window is when developping a composant or anything, I never knew how to refresh, to resend the disco#info and disco#items to every subservices.
  71. Asterix doesn't pressing Go button work?
  72. Asterix no it doesn't
  73. Link Mauve No, it’s a no-op.
  74. Asterix there is indeed no way to refresh ...
  75. Link Mauve And has been for years, and I never thought about reporting that… /o\
  76. Asterix we cache items ...
  77. Link Mauve I’m such a bad user. :(
  78. Asterix for the moment, the only way it to close / reopen the window
  79. Link Mauve Yes, I know, but that can become long when you want to debug a component that then needs at least two more clicks.
  80. aidecoe Asterix: ping
  81. aidecoe hello
  82. aidecoe :-)
  83. Asterix Link Mauve: yes ... just use a working component ;)
  84. Asterix aidecoe: Hi
  85. Asterix Link Mauve: Maybe we can add a reload buttonbutton
  86. Link Mauve Don’t forget that Gajim is the best client to write components. :p
  87. Asterix in the jid text entry
  88. Link Mauve I think go could be changed to refresh.
  89. Link Mauve Just its behaviour, not the text or icon.
  90. aidecoe Asterix: i am creating nbxmpp package for Gentoo. How well is nbxmpp-0.1 stable?
  91. Asterix Link Mauve: Maybe yes, but in this case caching is useless.
  92. Asterix If you go to another server then come back to the first one, the idea is to not query again
  93. aidecoe Asterix: does it have some restrictions in comparision to xmpppy?
  94. Asterix aidecoe: I'd use hg version instead
  95. Asterix aidecoe: it's usage is different. See the example file
  96. aidecoe Asterix: so you don't recommend using 0.1?
  97. Asterix aidecoe: it works, but some bugs has been fixed since it was released
  98. aidecoe Asterix: do you plan next release in the near future?
  99. Asterix Link Mauve: I'm having issues add the service line to window, when we get the items, we clear the model, and add subservices. So I'll have to add a hack
  100. Asterix aidecoe: probably with the next Gajim release ... so not in a near future
  101. Link Mauve Ah…
  102. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #51 (Detect GeoLocation automatically) created Detect GeoLocation? automatically from a GPS device (e.g. Cellular Modem).
  103. Asterix Link Mauve: I have it now ... in other category for the moment ...
  104. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #51 (Detect GeoLocation automatically) updated I do not know of software that detect GeoLocation?. I do not like any technology that is engaging in GeoLocation? due to the surveillance and disrespect of most of those who control the telecommunication means on planet earth.
  105. aidecoe Asterix: does nbxmpp rely on any 3rdparty package?
  106. aidecoe Asterix: or python stdlib only?
  107. aidecoe Asterix: as far as i see there's no 3rdparty dep
  108. aidecoe besides gobject
  109. aidecoe and openssl
  110. Asterix openssl is an option
  111. Asterix if it's not present we use python own ssl implementation (with a warning cause we cannot check certificate in this case)
  112. aidecoe Asterix: ok. And is there something more?
  113. Asterix no I don't think so ...
  114. aidecoe ok, so gobject and openssl only
  115. Asterix yes, gobject is a requirem,ent, openssl an optional requirement
  116. aidecoe ok, thanks
  117. Darkvip3r Asterix, yo
  118. Asterix ye
  119. Darkvip3r Asterix, how do i add my server to gajim server list??
  120. Asterix in data/other/servers.xml
  121. Darkvip3r Asterix, noo i wanna add mine to gajim lol
  122. dicson Darkvip3r, see data/other/servers.xml
  123. dicson Darkvip3r,
  124. Darkvip3r thank you
  125. Asterix Link Mauve: I have it working. But server itself has several identities: [{u'category': u'proxy', u'type': u'bytestreams', u'name': u'SOCKS5 Bytestreams Service'}, {u'category': u'pubsub', u'type': u'pep', u'name': u'Prosody'}, {u'category': u'server', u'type': u'im', u'name': u'Prosody'}] so Gajim shows the first one, and displays a line called "SOCKS5 Bytestreams Service /"
  126. Asterix it behaves correctly (we can execute commands for ex) but UI is not very nice because of that
  127. Darkvip3r kk
  128. Link Mauve Asterix, your admin seems a bit “tordu”. :p
  129. Asterix it's prosody's default thing ...
  130. Link Mauve Yeah, I know. ^^
  131. Asterix Link Mauve: it's commited
  132. Link Mauve Yay!
  133. Link Mauve Testing right now.
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  136. Link Mauve Erm, I don’t have pygtk anymore. ^^'
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  138. Asterix ha ... I can port it to gtk3 branch ...
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  140. Asterix Link Mauve: ok you can try in gtk3 branch now
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  142. bullgard4 Asterix: What is the difference between: "[OTR] *unauthenticated* secured OTR conversation with started" and [22:20:18] [OTR] Private conversation with refreshed."?
  143. Asterix no idea, I know nothing about OTR, sorry :/
  144. bullgard4 I see. Who does know a bit about OTR?
  145. Asterix the plugin developper
  146. bullgard4 Right. -- Thank you.
  147. Asterix you can see it in plugin window
  148. bullgard4 Yes, I found the name of the author there.
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  150. edhelas hye :)
  151. Darlan Hello Movim!
  152. edhelas I'm working on bookmark integration
  153. edhelas
  154. edhelas here's a stanza sended by gajim
  155. edhelas <iq xmlns="jabber:client" type="set" id="58"> <query xmlns="jabber:iq:private"> <storage xmlns="storage:bookmarks"> <conference minimize="0" jid="" autojoin="1" name="Movim"> <nick>edhelas</nick> </conference> </storage> </query> </iq>
  156. edhelas and here's the standard
  157. edhelas <iq from='juliet@capulet.lit/balcony' type='set' id='pip1'>   <pubsub xmlns=''>     <publish node='storage:bookmarks'>       <item id='current'>         <storage xmlns='storage:bookmarks'>           <conference name='The Play&apos;s the Thing'                       autojoin='true'                       jid='theplay@conference.shakespeare.lit'>             <nick>JC</nick>           </conference>         </storage>       </item>     </publish>
  158. edhelas jabber:iq:private is discouraged since.... 2007
  159. edhelas for my movim integration I implement the standard, so I will not be compatible with gajim (and some other clients maybe...)
  160. edhelas /my2cents
  161. Darlan #7318
  162. bot Darlan: (jabber:iq:private is discouraged since.... 2007)
  163. edhelas thanks :)
  164. Darlan No problems :-)
  165. edhelas you're working on the sourcecode ?
  166. Darlan No
  167. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7318 (jabber:iq:private is discouraged since…. 2007) created From Gajim channel: ‎[12:22:22 AM] ‎edhelas: I'm working on bookmark integration ‎[12:22:28 AM] ‎edhelas: [12:23:02 AM] ‎edhelas: here's a stanza sended by gajim ‎[12:23:02 AM] ‎edhelas: edhelas ‎[12:23:26 AM] ‎edhelas: and here's the standard ‎[12:23:26 AM] ‎edhelas: <iq from='juliet@cap[…]