Gajim - 2013-03-08

  1. Darlan From Slackware changelog :-P
  2. Darlan Sat Dec 10 23:28:42 CST 2005
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7192 (RTL problem with meta-information) updated Replying to Darlan: Relevant: Here is a reversed example of the issue above. RTL nick in LTR UI  Without direction mark and  With direction mark.
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  5. Darkvip3r hello
  6. Darlan OTOH, forget the changelog idea.
  7. Darlan [Semantics] The title of Ticket #7192 can be replaced with: RTL nicks are reversed when meta-information is displayed.
  8. Darlan #7192
  9. bot Darlan: (RTL problem with meta-information)
  10. Darlan Thanks, bot.
  11. Darlan Asterix: Do you want to contact with SBo admins to find out why the available version of Gajim is so old?
  12. Darlan Version 0.13.4
  13. Darlan They should provide, at least, 0.15.
  14. pubuntu Is there a way to add bookmarked conference rooms to the roster?
  15. dicson gajim do not support conference rooms in the roster
  16. dicson only minimize room to roster
  17. pubuntu How do we do that?
  18. dicson check 'minimize on close' in bookmarks manager. or right click menu in room tab
  19. pubuntu Thanks. That'll be quite handy too :)
  20. pubuntu But it'd be really nice if we could display rooms on the roster itself
  21. Link Mauve pubuntu, putting non-contacts to the roster confuses many clients, you shouldn’t do that, ever.
  22. pubuntu Link Mauve: Will keep that in mind. Thank you :)
  23. dicson it is possible in gajim. but after that you can't join that room
  24. pubuntu I didn't want to add the rooms to the roster itself. But I thought it'd be useful if bookmarked rooms could be displayed under a separate section on the main window
  25. pubuntu I've bookmarked regularly visited conference rooms, though. So it isn't so much of a hassle. I hope I don't sound like too lazy to use the menu
  26. dicson maybe we need to write new plugin( add tabs in roster. one tab - roster. and one tab - bookmarks) :-)
  27. pubuntu I'd so happily do that. But I'm only taking baby steps in XMPP programming
  28. Link Mauve pubuntu, I think minimize on close is exactly what you are searching.
  29. Link Mauve pubuntu, in the bookmarks manager, there is also the minimize on auto join option.
  30. pubuntu What I exactly wanted was bookmarked rooms displayed on the main window under a separate section rather than only minimized ones. But that option also solves that problem to some extent
  31. dicson > I hope I don't sound like too lazy to use the menu maybe Ctrl + j ?
  32. Link Mauve pubuntu, if that’s because your screen isn’t big enough, you may want to put tabs on the side.
  33. Link Mauve But yeah, I don’t think simply putting all tabs in the roster window is currently possible.
  34. Link Mauve But well, good night. \o_
  35. pubuntu dicson: Thanks again. I'm afraid I'm beginning to sound like a really lazy guy :)
  36. dicson pubuntu, diff --git a/src/command_system/ b/src/command_system/ --- a/src/command_system/ +++ b/src/command_system/ @@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ # OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. from types import * +from common import dbus_support def remove(sequence, target): if isinstance(sequence, list): @@ -35,9 +36,10 @@ def remove(sequence, target): del sequence[target] def gconf(path): - try: - from gi.repository import GConf - client = GConf.Client.get_default() - return client.get_string(path) - except ImportError: - pass + if dbus_support.supported: + try: + from gi.repository import GConf + client = GConf.Client.get_default() + return client.get_string(path) + except ImportError: + pass
  37. dicson oooops
  38. dicson sorry
  39. dicson pubuntu,
  40. pubuntu Link Mauve: Goodnight. Appreciate your help :)
  41. pubuntu dicson: Thank you
  42. pubuntu But the minimize on close option is making me wonder if it's possible to modify in such a way that it shows bookmarked rooms under a similar heading
  43. dicson It is difficult to implement
  44. pubuntu No problem. The minimize option and the keyboard shortcut will do for now :)