Gajim - 2013-03-05

  1. Link Mauve I just got Gajim to work on Wayland, after disabling a few features. :)
  2. Link Mauve
  3. Link Mauve Here, a patch that fix something completely unrelated but that was preventing me from launching Gajim:
  4. Link Mauve Is there a way to still display backtraces to stderr even if it’s redirected to a file?
  5. Asterix why is it redirected to a file?
  6. Asterix patch commited, thanks!
  7. Link Mauve Because it seems gtk3 doesn’t have clipboard support under wayland.
  8. Link Mauve I just want to give you the traceback, which is about PyOpenSSL again.
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14435:8885c892dfc9]: Fix Jingle XTLS certificate creation. gtk3 Fix Jingle XTLS certificate creation.
  10. Link Mauve Err, it segfaults after sending a simple message.
  11. Link Mauve single*
  12. Link Mauve normal*
  13. Link Mauve normal message*
  14. Asterix ouch :/
  15. Asterix tee can help you no?
  16. Link Mauve It doesn’t, I already tried.
  17. Link Mauve As long as Gajim detects stderr isn’t a terminal it displays a gtk window.
  18. Asterix indeed ... gtkexcepthook
  19. Asterix it can be disabled ...
  20. Asterix let me look
  21. Asterix just comment the "import gtkexcepthook" in src/ arround line 271
  22. Asterix line 281
  23. Link Mauve Ok.
  24. Link Mauve It works,
  25. Link Mauve That happens when I have accepted a self-signed certificate, I close Gajim, I reopen it, and then I get that error and it never connects with that account.
  26. Asterix tu as le dernier nbxmppp?
  27. Link Mauve Ah, peut-être pas.
  28. Link Mauve Il me manquait un changeset.
  29. Asterix mouais ...
  30. Asterix c'est pas le dernier qui va changer ca
  31. Link Mauve Aha, maintenant segfault à la place. :D
  32. Asterix lol ... ou pas
  33. Link Mauve Non, toujours pareil.
  34. Link Mauve Ça a dû être autre chose qui l’a fait segfaulter. ^^'
  35. Asterix yaurait moyen que tu fasse un print(con.Connection.ssl_errnum) et print (con.Connection.ssl_cert_pem) juste avant la boucle for dans laquelle ca plante ? (ligne 1315 de common/
  36. Link Mauve
  37. Asterix effectivement c zarbi. il y a 3 errnum et un seul cert
  38. Asterix ha non 2 cert
  39. Link Mauve I wonder why it works under X. :/
  40. Asterix nbxmpp fills those 2 lists in the same time ... I really wonder how they can have 2 different size
  41. Asterix ha ...
  42. Asterix if you edit the file in nbxmpp, line 400 tcpsock.ssl_errnum = [] instead of tcpsock.ssl_errnum = [0]
  43. Link Mauve Now it works. :)
  44. Asterix ok I commit that
  45. Asterix strange that it happens only in wayland!
  46. Link Mauve The multiple segfaults happen only in wayland, too. ^^'
  47. Asterix maybe related to GUI, that makes sens, but related to network, I don't see why wayland change things
  48. Link Mauve My first segfault was systray, now (thanks to faulthandler) it seems it comes from tooltips.
  49. Link Mauve pointer_x = self.screen.get_display().get_pointer()[1]
  50. Link Mauve src/ line 145.
  51. Link Mauve Of course, since wayland doesn’t allow clients to know their position on the screen, nor the global position of the mouse. :)
  52. Asterix isn't gtk functions supposed to work under wayland?
  53. Asterix ha ...
  54. Link Mauve They shouldn’t segfault, anyway.
  55. Link Mauve I’ll make a list of missing features as I disable them.
  56. Link Mauve Trying to join a room tracebacks with a D-Bus issue. oO
  57. Link Mauve
  58. Link Mauve Those dependencies are a hell…
  59. dicson maybe we need check dbus
  60. Link Mauve Yeah, it shouldn’t be required for something as simple as opening a groupchat.
  61. dicson Or except ImportError: -> except (ImportError,gi._glib.GError) : as temporary solution
  62. dicson in /home/linkmauve/dev/gajim/src/command_system/
  63. Link Mauve I removed the gconf call, it works.
  64. Link Mauve Well, “works”, it still hides the roster though.
  65. Link Mauve Oh, in single-window mode it opens two rosters!
  66. dicson maybe this can help
  67. Link Mauve Yes, it does.
  68. dicson but that check python-dbus in system and do not check dbus daemon start
  69. Link Mauve Oh, I forgot to readd the gconf call. ^^'
  70. dicson :-)
  71. Asterix there is a debian bug about that
  72. Asterix we should indeed not depend on dbus
  73. Link Mauve So, I just fixed weston-launch to not require systemd.
  74. Link Mauve Now I’ll be able to run it as a normal user again. :)
  75. dicson debian bug in arch :-|
  76. Link Mauve dicson, it’s a reported bug in Debian, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect every other system out there. :)
  77. tata Hello from Wayland. :)
  78. Asterix :)
  79. dicson maybe we need commit this?
  80. zAchAry Jabbim ( seems to have an online logging feature (Jabbim Archive) but I do not know how to enable it.
  81. zAchAry Jabbim Archive is available for VIP members
  82. dicson zAchAry, many time ago this feature works automaticaly in any client
  83. dicson and I can see log in browser
  84. zAchAry Thanks for the hint
  85. zAchAry Do you refer to gajim online log or jabbim?
  86. dicson now I use acc but not premium
  87. zAchAry oh
  88. zAchAry I will check this out see
  89. dicson many time ago server save all message and have web interface for show logs
  90. dicson gajim support message arhiving but i do not know how it works
  91. zAchAry Do you know another server that does logging to everyone?
  92. dicson zAchAry, no
  93. zAchAry ok
  94. zAchAry again, thank you for the information!
  95. dicson no problem
  96. zAchAry :)
  97. pubuntu Is it possible to make audio/video call from a Gtalk or Facebook account using Gajim?
  98. Link Mauve From a JID, yes, they don’t prevent you from doing that.
  99. Link Mauve From a I don’t think it’s possible, IIRC they block anything not a message or a presence and strip payloads.
  100. pubuntu Okay. Thank you
  101. Asterix but gtalk don't use the same jingle protocole as other xmpp clients
  102. pubuntu Asterix: What does Gtalk use?
  103. Asterix a never-released protocole ... it's several years they talk about updating it ... but I don't think it's done
  104. pubuntu That's really disappointing.
  105. pubuntu It would be so much easier if they used the same protocol.
  106. pubuntu The Ubuntu Messaging Menu icon stays blue even after I click on the new message. Is this a bug in the Ubuntu Ayatana Integration plugin?