Gajim - 2013-03-04

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  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7313 (Start error using Gajim under XenApp) closed worksforme: You have space issued: themes.por defecto -> themes.por_defecto statusmsg.Vuelvo pronto -> statusmsg.Vuelvo_pronto and finaly the empty line at the end. Last thing is your end line char. I had to convert \r\n to \n to make it work under linux. But that's probably not needed under windows.
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7315 ([single window mode] Don't resize window if last chat tab is closed / …) updated We have the same problem if we use Gajim in ful[…] • [] • GajimV2.vbs attached to Ticket #7313 […]
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  5. Darlan Asterix: You can see a problem with order of words in Banner and Popup notification for contacts that have RTL nicknames. Name a contact with this name דרלן 1) Banner - Open a chat window. 2) Popup notification - you would be able to see a problem on login/logout.
  6. Darlan Banner - Open a chat window (and see contact typing)*.
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • BiDi edited Banner #7192 and Popup notification (diff)
  8. Darlan I want 0.16 to have at least AM/PM and arbitrary alignment (Banner, Popup notification and Join & Leave) detailed at wiki page BiDi. - both are the easiest to implement.
  9. Asterix if it's so easy, why don't you provide a patch?
  10. aidecoe hello :-)
  11. Asterix bye
  12. aidecoe dicson: is the patch from Ticket #7315 present in hg?
  13. Asterix #7315
  14. bot Asterix: ([single window mode] Don't resize window if last chat tab is closed / 'Always show tabs' option)
  15. Asterix no it's not
  16. Darlan Asterix: Because I am a bad coder
  17. Darlan You did in roughly 5 lines what I attempted to do with over 15 lines.
  18. Asterix it's not because it takes 5 lines that it's easy
  19. Darlan I think I can correct the am/pm issue and maybe"/command" (using your code). The most important (arbitrary alignment in accord to locale) is already solved here and, technically, only RTL translators should be concerned about this string.
  20. aidecoe hm, nbxmpp…
  21. aidecoe switching to hg version needs something more than clone
  22. Asterix installing it
  23. Asterix Gajim use the one installed
  24. Asterix python install (as root)
  25. aidecoe Asterix: i wouldn't install anything manually into /. Probably I'll create Gentoo ebuild for nbxmpp.
  26. Asterix as you wish
  27. aidecoe ok, meanwhile bye, good night
  28. aidecoe :-)
  29. bullgard4 [Debian wheezy] I'm told that OTR requires a plugin. which one?
  30. Asterix OTR ...
  31. bullgard4 Would you be so kind telling me where to get that plugin from?
  32. Asterix edit -> plugins
  33. Asterix the exact name of the plugin is "Off-The-Record Encryption"
  34. bullgard4 Yes I found it and I installed it.
  35. bullgard4 I generated a fingerprint.
  36. bullgard4 But I do not know how to proceed . I cannot find an additional button to start encrypted communication wih my communivcation partner.
  37. Asterix in the advanced menu, I think there is a new item
  38. bullgard4 Actions > Advanced > Edit Privacy Lists > opens a new dialog »Privacy List«. What should I enter in this list?
  39. Asterix I don't understand your question. You can create privacy lists there ...
  40. Asterix