Gajim - 2013-03-03

  1. aidecoe hello everyone :-)
  2. aidecoe i have seen being closed. I wonder if similar idea would have a chance:
  3. aidecoe what about having roster be shown at left or right like it is in TKabber or Psi (in single) mode and almost all TUI clients?
  4. aidecoe it still could be hidden with Ctrl+R
  5. Asterix aidecoe: it's a minor modification in the
  6. aidecoe Asterix: is it something i can do myself?
  7. aidecoe Asterix: i mean that if this a config option or easy one-linear fix in the code i can do without too much investigation
  8. aidecoe Asterix: or should i file a ticket?
  9. Asterix do you have glade installed?
  10. aidecoe Asterix: not yet, but doing it
  11. Asterix which version are you installing?
  12. Asterix and which Gajim version are you using?
  13. aidecoe Asterix: latest stable - 0.15.2
  14. Asterix aidecoe: it seems what I have in mind doesn't work
  15. Asterix so it's not so simple
  16. aidecoe Asterix: glade-3.14.2
  17. aidecoe Asterix: what happend? I have been disconnected or conference has gone down?
  18. aidecoe hm, looking at number of members, the other
  19. aidecoe Asterix: so, you have meant that it is not so simple with 0.15.2 or at all?
  20. Asterix yep server had a pb ..
  21. Asterix no it's not that simple. I tested some things without success for the moment
  22. Asterix aidecoe: maybe you can ask dicson to have a look when he has time, but it seems we need to move the roster vbox when we add the notebook
  23. aidecoe Asterix: maybe i'll file a ticket?
  24. dicson Asterix, ok. maybe tomorrow I'll see
  25. aidecoe Asterix: thanks
  26. dicson If I can do it - it will be another possibility(features) in roster tweaks plugin
  27. aidecoe dicson: plugin?
  28. dicson aidecoe,
  29. aidecoe wow, nice
  30. aidecoe dicson/Asterix:
  31. aidecoe is description sufficient?
  32. dicson I do not understand
  33. dicson I can't see roster in right side
  34. aidecoe dicson: it is in left side
  35. aidecoe dicson: it actually doesn't matter much in which side it is
  36. aidecoe dicson: you should see opened conference with member on the right side of chat window, and on the left side of the global window the roster is placed
  37. dicson aidecoe, I not understand. sorry. my english very bad
  38. dicson ?
  39. aidecoe dicson: what is your native language?
  40. dicson russian
  41. aidecoe oh, i see now :-)
  42. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7314 (Single window mode with roster at left/right) created Currently one has to switch view between roster and chat tabs. Both chat window and roster don't need too much space and could be place one next to another like it is in most TUI Jabber clients - mcabber, for example. Psi already has this feature (although it doesn't have key binding to switch between chat and roster and us[…]
  43. aidecoe dicson: this screenshot present what i would like to have :-)
  44. aidecoe dicson: is this already in your plugin?
  45. aidecoe dicson: or is this only a prototype?
  46. dicson no
  47. dicson standart feature
  48. aidecoe how have you did this?
  49. dicson preference
  50. aidecoe s/did/done/
  51. dicson first tab
  52. dicson window behavior
  53. aidecoe and which option?
  54. aidecoe everything besides single window is with detached roster
  55. dicson I need start english gajim
  56. dicson Single window for everything
  57. aidecoe dicson: i have set this option and roster window is full-screen
  58. dicson I have no idea
  59. dicson works fine for me many years
  60. aidecoe that is strange
  61. dicson try resize window and drag hpaned
  62. aidecoe yes, i have just figured it out
  63. aidecoe omg, so lame… :-D
  64. aidecoe thanks a lot
  65. aidecoe Asterix: it is already implemented :D
  66. aidecoe hm, it doesn't remember resize
  67. aidecoe dicson: hm, but it doesn't remember resize
  68. aidecoe dicson: do you know how it sets size?
  69. aidecoe dicson: i am using awesome wm (tiling wm)
  70. dicson #7314 wontfix?
  71. dicson aidecoe, my gajim remember resize
  72. Asterix we can have roster on the right?
  73. aidecoe on the left
  74. aidecoe but it doesn't matter much which side
  75. aidecoe as long as it is a side
  76. aidecoe Asterix: it was full-screen for me all the time
  77. dicson Asterix, #7314 about one win mode/ i think
  78. Asterix ho ! I missunderstood your pb then ! I thought the problem was that it was on the left
  79. aidecoe no :-D
  80. dicson I missunderstood too :-/ And I start look at code
  81. Asterix and according to the code I read, it's supposed to remember roster width
  82. aidecoe Asterix: if i close last chat tab roster goes full-screen
  83. aidecoe Asterix: and if i reopen new chat
  84. aidecoe roster persists to be full-screen
  85. aidecoe until i resize it
  86. dicson pb in wm
  87. Asterix yep because I don't have this behaviour
  88. aidecoe what pb stands for?
  89. aidecoe Asterix: i have tiling wm (awesome)
  90. Asterix when I open a chat tab, window grows, when I close the last tab, windows shrink to roster only
  91. aidecoe aaah
  92. aidecoe this is why it happens
  93. aidecoe could you make roster not fill the window, but leave a blank space if last tab is closed? This would make Gajim work correctly on tiling wms
  94. Asterix #7314 closed
  95. Asterix it make Gajim take a lot of space for nothing
  96. dicson fake tab for wm (awesome) users....
  97. dicson how we can detect tiling wm?
  98. Asterix an option in roster tweak plugin
  99. dicson :-)
  100. aidecoe dicson: why detect? Why couldn't it be a default behaviour? It's actually intuitive.
  101. dicson aidecoe, :-/ blank tab
  102. aidecoe in most UIs if there is a side window with a list to open something in main window it persists if last tab is closed
  103. dicson optional only
  104. dicson psi?
  105. aidecoe psi, tkabber, file browsers
  106. aidecoe any browsers
  107. aidecoe actually :-)
  108. Asterix in a file browser you cannot close the right part
  109. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7314 (Single window mode with roster at left/right) closed wontfix
  110. dicson maybe we need 'always show tabs' option in ACE. now I can't see way to do this in plugin. thinking needed
  111. aidecoe what is ACE?
  112. aidecoe is this a quick fix to have this option or should i file a ticket?
  113. dicson
  114. aidecoe ah, advanced conf editor
  115. dicson aidecoe, please file a ticket. I have short memory
  116. aidecoe ok
  117. aidecoe is this possible to switch between roster and chat with keyboard?
  118. dicson
  119. Asterix ctrl+k is missing
  120. Asterix but only in hg version ...
  121. Asterix added
  122. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • WikiStart edited (diff)
  123. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • [] • Ticket #7315 ([single window mode] Don't resize window if last chat tab is closed / …) created If last chat tab is closed Gajim resizes window to roster size. In tiling wm it causes that roster is resized and after reopening chat tab it occupies whole window and user has to resize ro[…]
  124. dicson aidecoe, thanks!
  125. aidecoe Asterix: hg version is able to switch between roster and chat with ^k, yes?
  126. dicson no
  127. Asterix not really, ctrl+k enables roster filtering, even in chat window when using one window mode
  128. Asterix but why do you want to switch?
  129. aidecoe ah
  130. Asterix when chatting you want to chat withe someone else, then you do ctrl+k, type the one you want to chat with and press enter
  131. dicson switch window - job for wm
  132. Asterix here it's not switch window when in one window mode
  133. aidecoe Asterix: ok, it seems to be something i am looking for
  134. aidecoe Asterix: i'll later try hg version
  135. aidecoe thanks
  136. bullgard4 gajim 0.15 Debian wheezy: Do I have to install some plugin in order to be able to communicate encrypted?
  137. Asterix there are many encryption method
  138. Asterix GPG is built-in
  139. Asterix E2E is built-in
  140. Asterix OTR require a plugin
  141. Asterix E2E only require you to install python-crypto
  142. bullgard4 Asterix, "GPG is built in." How can I activate GPG encryption?
  143. Asterix assign him a gpg key (right click on it in roster -> manage contact
  144. Asterix then in chat window the advanced function button