Gajim - 2013-02-24

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7309 (An ability to be informed about a release of the new version of Gajim) created problem There is no an announcement list for people wanting to know where the new Gajim version is released. analysis Not everyone likes to follow devel list or check a Gajim homepage twice a week to be able to use the latest stable/beta version available. enhancement recommendation There […]
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7304 (ImportError: No module named secrets on a question about logging …) updated Bingo! My profile originally created on Windows many years ago and there was a filename pointing to a Windows home directory. Maybe a corruption of this file should cause some other error/exception? Btw, I wonder why I've got this question (about confirm that a c[…] • […]
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  4. Darkvip3r i wanna add my server to gajim
  5. Jef Darkvip3r, what do you mean?
  6. Jef to the default list?
  7. Darkvip3r j yes when i register therer is a list
  8. Darkvip3r i want to add mine there
  9. Jef you have to speak to asterix about tha
  10. Jef *that
  11. Darkvip3r okay
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  13. Mike lol
  14. Mike i can't install all of gajim plugin
  15. Mike some 1 khow how to fix ?
  16. Mike dicson,
  17. Mike Jef,
  18. Mike mathieui,
  19. adrian_netcat Mike, I have a problem with a plugin update under Windows (under Linux it works fine). It hangs at file download.
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  21. dicson Plugin Installer does not work properly on some systems (my friend had a problem on Linux Mint). Disabling TLS in the plugin settings solved the problem
  22. adrian_netcat Thank you, dicson :-)
  23. dicson adrian_netcat, I do not know about Windows
  24. adrian_netcat With Debian Stable it works fine.
  25. adrian_netcat (but I have no Debian at work) :-|
  26. adrian_netcat Where are the "plugin settins", by the way ?
  27. dicson
  28. adrian_netcat Thanks!
  29. dicson select plugin - press "Configure" button
  30. adrian_netcat Yes, I'll try it tomorrow.., thanks.
  31. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7262 (Cosmeric changes for the systray tooltip) updated Milestone changed • Ticket #7309 (An ability to be informed about a release of the new version of Gajim) updated You can sign the  announce mailing-list to  GMANE or to  The Mail Archive and use their web feeds. Related ticket #7203
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