Gajim - 2013-02-13

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  2. Jef Darlan, that was fast
  3. Darlan Oh, I did not even notice it :-P
  4. Darlan Thank you, Jef.
  5. Jef ;)
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  11. Asterix Hi Darlan
  12. Darlan Hallo :-D
  13. Darlan There is another problem. I will change my nick to RTL.
  14. Asterix So .. I didn't understood your 10 comments in the ticket. Is my patch working?
  15. Darlan Yes, it does. But it is not perfect.
  16. Darlan Do you use the patch, right now?
  17. Asterix no
  18. Asterix but I can ...
  19. Darlan Please do, so I you would be able to see several issues.
  20. Asterix I have it now
  21. עברית Good
  22. עברית שלום
  23. עברית When I will leave, please send a screenshot with the left message. - I assume it will be from the wrong side.
  24. Asterix
  25. Darlan Gajim should determine the alignment by anything except TIME and NICK
  26. Darlan Wong alignment. It should have been like this: ‎עברית has left (offline)
  27. Asterix I think my patch does that only for non info message. So enter / leave message are not affected by my patch
  28. Darlan nick and time are to be ignored.
  29. Darlan no no
  30. Darlan Your patch is good. Things to be improved. Align nick too (not only time) Do not respect nick and time - respect everything else. If there is day, time, nick then align time (and nick) too - not only day.
  31. Darlan The left message is affected, though I think it will look the same without your patch.
  32. Darlan Copy the "עברית has left (offline)" message and see if an RLM mark is at the beginning of that line.
  33. Darlan עברית
  34. Asterix you can test that: open ACE, look for before_nickname option and add the correct char there
  35. Darlan עברית
  36. Darlan Works as expected, Asterix - please wait for a screenshot.
  37. Darlan Asterix: I added RLM to before_nickname option and it now looks proper (only when messages are RTL of course)
  38. Darlan Do not worry for the time-stamp, I will tell you how to fix it later. - I already did, but it does not matter at the moment.
  39. Darlan Before adding RLM to before_nickname option ‏[09:09:18 PM] Darlan: עברית After adding RLM to before_nickname option ‏[09:10:44 PM] ‏Darlan: עברית
  40. Darlan Rule (day) time nick are not to be respected in determining alignment. (day) time nick are the only parts to be manipulated - anything else stays intact.
  41. Asterix ok then please revert your patch, revert the before_nickname option, and try this patch:
  42. Darlan I will just delete line 1258. What is the command argument to revert a patch?
  43. Asterix patch -R < file.patch
  44. Darlan Thanks. Hmm, there I see a file.
  45. Asterix but yesm deleting the file is ok too
  46. Asterix you use hg version?
  47. Darlan No, I use 0.15.2.
  48. Darlan # patch -R < 25253b0f.patch patching file patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line Hunk #1 succeeded at 1255 with fuzz 1 (offset 26 lines).
  49. Asterix until then that sounds good. I do the patch against hg version, so it's normal there are offset
  50. Darlan Damn! I needed to backup that file.
  51. Darlan ok
  52. Darlan # patch -p1 < /path/to/file/347f1248.patch patching file src/ Hunk #1 succeeded at 1252 (offset 26 lines). Hunk #2 succeeded at 1287 (offset 26 lines). Hunk #3 succeeded at 1363 (offset 26 lines). patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line Hunk #4 succeeded at 1373 with fuzz 1 (offset 26 lines).
  53. Asterix you can get it clean from here:
  54. Asterix ok that sounds good
  55. Darlan one
  56. Darlan שתיים
  57. Darlan Asterix: Please kick me
  58. מבחן again
  59. מבחן kick again please
  60. מבחן Asterix:
  61. מבחן Not good: מבחן has been kicked:
  62. מבחן It should be: ‎מבחן has been kicked:
  63. מבחן It seems it was not affected at all.
  64. Asterix normal XX has been kicked is the message, and you told me not to touch the message
  65. מבחן bad: ‏[09:33:42 PM] עברית has joined the group chat should be: ‎[09:33:42 PM] עברית has joined the group chat
  66. מבחן I think I said so at trac but I retracted
  67. Asterix ok I give up, I don't understand anything, so I cannot do anything.
  68. מבחן Do not respect nick and time - respect anything else
  69. מבחן Asterix: Give up today, but we may continue in next days. You are very close.
  70. מבחן Still respect nick when it should not. bad: ‏[09:35:49 PM] עברית has left (offline) should be: ‎[09:35:49 PM] עברית has left (offline)
  71. מבחן Asterix: Do you like to continue in another day?
  72. מבחן I guarantee you - all is to do is this: (day) time nick are not to be respected in determining alignment. (day) time nick are the only parts to be manipulated - anything else stays intact.
  73. מבחן בדיקה
  74. מבחן This patch is better since it is affecting nick too - I will check days too
  75. מבחן days + time is still not proper - later ;-)
  76. Asterix the problem is that I don't understand anything to what I'm doing, so I am sorry, but I just cannot do what I don't understand. I I don't have time / I don't want to take time to understand those RTL problems
  77. מבחן Then I will show it to you in LTR ;-)
  78. מבחן Oh, but then you need to use Hebrew locale - hmm...
  79. מבחן Asterix: Can you follow this? (day) time nick are not to be respected in determining alignment. (day) time nick are the only parts to be manipulated - anything else stays intact.
  80. Asterix it's what I did. When I print XX has joined / left, there is only (time) (message) and in this case I added the RTL char to time, according to message text. And you tell me that doesn't work
  81. מבחן You mean (time) ({nick} message).
  82. מבחן Can you ignore the nick which is within this message?
  83. Asterix no, I mean (time) (message)
  84. Asterix the nick is included in the message
  85. Asterix if that's that part that you want to change
  86. Asterix yiou can change it in the translation
  87. Asterix st = _('%s has left') % nick_jid
  88. מבחן I did ;-) but I am currently testing this with English GUI and it is affecting alignment.
  89. מבחן I know the nick is included in the message. Can you ignore this nick - It is not so important because when this patch is officially released and used by Arabs, Hebrew, Farsi users, they may figure out how to make a patch for it.
  90. מבחן Asterix: Overhaul, except "(days) and (time)" together, everything is good for regular use. - It is better than Pidgin.
  91. Asterix with firat patch I sent you or second ?
  92. מבחן firat?
  93. מבחן first
  94. מבחן Second patch
  95. Asterix when I print XX has left, no I cannot differentiate nick from the rest. But this can be done att he time the string is built
  96. מבחן I will try Hebrew GUI and report you.
  97. Darlan בדיקה
  98. Darlan test
  99. Darlan Asterix: I see this: ‎[21:56:01] ‫b8a4f14e נכנס/ה אל החדר If you delete the invisible mark at the beginning you would see: [21:56:01] ‫b8a4f14e נכנס/ה אל החדר Where I added another invisible character at translation.
  100. Asterix I don't know if I'm supposed to understand what you're saying, but I don't ...
  101. Darlan No it is good: ‏[21:58:10] ‫עברית נכנס/ה אל החדר
  102. Darlan ok
  103. Darlan Asterix: For now, intervene only with (day) (time) (nick) (msg) line, nothing else.
  104. Darlan Keep the work on the other types of messages to others.
  105. Darlan >‎[21:58:27] ‎Darlan: No it is good: [21:58:27] ‎Darlan: Now it is good:
  106. Asterix ok so I'll commit the second patch then
  107. Darlan Asterix: Hold on
  108. Asterix I cannot differentiate day and time, it's the timestamp
  109. Darlan ok
  110. Darlan shit!
  111. Darlan Oh, well, commit it
  112. Darlan We will wait for others to propose assistance.
  113. Darlan Asterix: You have done a wonderful work, IMHO.
  114. Darlan Concerning to the following: Current state: [00:00:00 AM] Person: السلام عليكم Desired state: ‏[00:00:00 AM] ‏Person: السلام عليكم Correction of timestamp (add {always} LRM before numeric value): ‏[00:00:00‎ AM] ‏Person: السلام عليكم
  115. Darlan So it will align properly with am/pm
  116. Asterix currently I add LRM before [
  117. Darlan No, add, without conditioning, LRM before 00:00:00 when AM/PM are set to be displayed.
  118. Darlan Do what you do - I will test patch and report,
  119. Darlan .
  120. Thunder8 Darlan: У Вас нет доступа для выполнения команды: .ping
  121. Darlan Oh, we have two bots :-P
  122. Darlan I forgot
  123. Darlan You add LRM (or RLM) before [ and before NICK.
  124. Darlan Damn. I am sorry for writing again.
  125. Darlan Did you ignore messages that are not (time) (nick) (msg)? Alignment of other messages will be dealt by translators and it is working fine (without current patch) in chat and in history too.
  126. Darlan If Arabs and Farsi will have some issue with the messages that are not (time) (nick) (msg) I will instruct them.
  127. Darlan Arabs and Farsi translators
  128. Darlan I have an idea.
  129. Darlan Asterix: Is it possible you detect if a certain local is RTL or LTR? If locale is RTL then always start messages that are not (time) (nick) (msg) from the right. If locale is LTR then always start messages that are not (time) (nick) (msg) from the left.
  130. Darlan s/you/to
  131. Darlan gtk20.po there is a string to determine GUI direction. String: default:LTR option1: default:LTR (or leave untranslated) option2: default:RTL
  132. Darlan If you do not know how (if possible) to detect this string then you may add THIS EXACT STRING to gajim.po, just like Harald Judt did with xfce4-weather-plugin
  133. Darlan Since Fuzzy times are translated then there won't be an issue with these join/left lines.
  134. Darlan For messages that are not (time) (nock) (msg) consider to detect RTL or to do what Harald Judt has done. - Fin.
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