Gajim - 2013-02-12

  1. pubuntu is experiencing problems?
  2. mrDoctorWho dicson: Hi. Did you know, python-nbxmpp is working under python2?
  3. dicson yes.
  4. mrDoctorWho ok, thanks
  5. dicson gtk3 branch for python3
  6. dicson Asterix, Hi. typo in", line 364
  7. dicson
  8. dicson errnum, errstr = e.errno, e.strerror -> errnum, errstr = exc.errno, exc.strerror
  9. Asterix ok I commit the fix, thanks
  10. Asterix dicson: you have commit acces there, no? just to be sure
  11. dicson no
  12. Asterix yes you have
  13. Asterix just checked, same right as gajim
  14. dicson I do not know. I can't do commit.
  15. Asterix maybe because you cloned with http instead of ssh
  16. dicson maybe
  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14362:eab7311f57a2]: check that contacts are not in "not in roster" group when we receive a RIE … […] • Ticket #7298 (Gajim ditches RIE iq stanzas.) closed fixed: (In [eab7311f57a2]) check that contacts are not in "not in roster" group when[…]
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7245 (Video does not work) updated Replying to adrian_netcat: No, I do not have any error message.I am on Debian Squeeze with XFce, pretty standard installation. That seems unsolvable. your version is quite old (nearly 1 year) and you cannot upgrade because newer version uses farstream instead of farsight, and farstream is not available in squeeze. Does Gajim create any debug log? If not, then indeed there is littl[…]
  19. Darlan Dang!
  20. Darlan Is there any Arab or Farsi Python coder around?
  21. Asterix Darlan: try that when you can
  22. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7300 (Roster filtering is not case-insensitive for non-ASCII symbols.) created Bug description Roster filtering is not case-insensitive for non-ASCII symbols. Steps to reproduce Open roster with non-ASCII contact names (example: Привет). Start filtering by typing the name in lower case (example: привет). The non-ASCII name gets […] • Ticket #7300 (Rost[…]
  23. Darlan פינג
  24. Darlan פונג
  25. Darlan YAY!
  27. Darlan yayaya :-))))
  28. Darlan :'-)
  29. Darlan It does not respect RLM marks where I insert it in translation (USER has left the channel - but it is a minor issue)
  30. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7301 (Logger fsyncs on every message in Linux) created Problem OS: Linux Every message in regular chats (have not checked with multi-user chats) causes logger to perform fsync on some temporarily created file (logs.db-XXXXX). This takes from 70 to 100 msec on different machines, causes slight delays in responsiveness and spins up the disk. Analysis The cause seems to be the logger setting isolation le[…]
  31. Darlan Jef: For testing purposes, may you kick me, please? - I need to see the alignment of the kick message.
  32. Darlan dicson Jef mathieui - kick me
  33. עברית hello
  34. עברית שלום
  35. עברית Still working ;-)
  36. Darlan kick me - I need to see the message.
  37. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7284 (Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm) updated Asterix has made a patch that works almost perfectly. diff -r eab7311f57a2 src/ --- a/src/ Tue Feb 12 19:31:35 2013 +0100 +++ b/src/ Tu[…] • Ticket #7284 (Unicode Bidirecti[] • Ticket #7284 (Unic[…]
  38. Darlan ping פונג
  39. Darlan פינג pong
  40. Darlan Good.
  41. Darlan Gajim does BiDi better than Pidgin :-D