Gajim - 2013-02-11

  1. Maranda Question how can I post a xml log on Gajim's trac without it thinking it's spam? >_>
  2. daniel Maranda: I did this:
  3. daniel sed -e 's_http://_link-based-spam-detection-is-annoying-for-XMPP-logfiles-dammit_' gajim-session-resume-error.log > gajim-session-resume-error.log.nospam
  4. daniel I guess just removing the http:// is fine as well
  5. Maranda I figured as much daniel, but I thought trac could be a bit smarter then just having me to alter out the xml dumps.
  6. daniel I know, I found it annoying as well :-(
  7. daniel Damn spammers
  8. Maranda
  9. Maranda done :|
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  11. kaliko _o/
  12. kaliko Is it possible to connect a microsoft lync server with gajim?
  13. Asterix I don't know what is lync. Gajim can connect to live xmpp server
  14. 0xAFFE kaliko, lync seems to support xmpp, so it 'should' be possible:
  15. kaliko Lync server supports xmpp to join an xmpp federation but I'm not sure it handles it to speak with its clients.
  16. 0xAFFE hmm, right, thats just server2server
  17. kaliko Alright I was not sure whether I try to handle lync server or install prosody on the LAN…
  18. kaliko I guess I'll have to go the prosody way and try to manage authentication against AD. Thanks 0xAFFE for your help :)
  19. 0xAFFE imho, prosody should be easier und friendlier on your resources :)
  20. 0xAFFE ldap authentication was the topic in the prosody muc last week
  21. kaliko I manage once, in my previous company, to auth against AD with prosody ldap module. Unfortunately I forgot to get some conf snippets when i left my job :|
  22. kaliko Well the hard part was SASL configuration though, not prosody…
  23. azerttyu hi
  24. azerttyu how to save discussion with gpg contact ?
  25. bullgard4 azerttyu, '~$ man gpg | grep 'gpg contact'' does not produce any output.
  26. azerttyu bullgard4, sorry :)
  27. azerttyu i've been a discussion with contact where gpg communication are enabled
  28. azerttyu and gajim show me this conversation will not be saved
  29. azerttyu and i don't see any option to force save history for all conversation
  30. Maranda Asterix, will look into it now.
  31. Maranda and it's 0.15.2
  32. Maranda Asterix, log attached --
  33. Maranda brb
  34. Asterix Maranda : ok so rosterItemExchangeCB handler is called. That's a first good point. Will look deeper into the code to see where id can hangs. Which Gajim version is it? It is under windows, right?
  35. Maranda 0.15.2
  36. Maranda and yes windows 7
  37. Asterix ok, I'll try with windows version this evening and keep you informed
  38. Maranda Asterix, ok :)