Gajim - 2013-02-10

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7297 (Lack of specific tranport type icons.) updated it's indeed easy to add, we just need the icons … Do you have a 32x32 icon representing them? And we could also rename jabber to xmpp and use the xmpp logo instead of the jabber one.
  2. mcepl dicson, Asterix: why does Gajim include data/other/cacerts.pem? Is it required for something. People in the Fedora land started to freak out (I think correctly) about packages which include their own SSL certs.
  3. Asterix cd py
  4. Asterix oups
  5. Asterix I don't find it mentionned anywhere in Gajim code ...
  6. Asterix I think it was used to trust some certificate when connecting to a jabber server
  7. mcepl could we get rid of it, please? It makes our security people really nervous (as it should)
  8. Asterix I'll check carefully when we dropped it's usage to understand why it's still here
  9. mcepl -ENOPARSE
  10. mcepl (sorry, my Frenglish is pretty bad)
  11. Asterix mcepl: haa it's cacertS.pem, there is a S
  12. Asterix so we still use it
  13. Asterix and we trust the certs in it to connect to the server
  14. mcepl but what certs there are trust, which are not in the system-wide certs?
  15. mcepl what happens when I just don't install it and rely on the system-wide certs?
  16. Asterix is there a system-wide directory in the other OS I cannot mention?
  17. mcepl no idea, but that doesn't matter for the second question
  18. mcepl (and BTW, I have no clue about the situation on Macs)
  19. Asterix (Gajim has no Mac port, so not really a problem for the moment)
  20. Asterix for the second question ... I never checked, but that should not hurt
  21. mcepl didn't it? I thought that with going noarch, we made it also Mac-compatible. Not that I care much.
  22. mcepl thanks, I will suggest it to our maintainers
  23. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7298 (Gajim ditches RIE iq stanzas.) updated Priority, Type, Severity changed Gajim does support receiving IQ stanza for RIE. I just checked and it works. We indeed don't send IQ when contact is online and supports rosterX. Will improve that.
  24. Asterix here is what happens: just a warning: 10:44:00 (W) nbxmpp.tls_nb Unable to load SSL certificates from file /home/asterix/gajim/data/other/cacerts.pem
  25. Asterix mcepl: it's maybe working under MAC, but I don't have one so I cannot test, and there is no package built
  26. mcepl sure, and nobody (including me) cares
  27. mcepl OK, I will take a look how to get rid of the warning.
  28. Asterix it's in nbxmpp, not in Gajim itself
  29. Asterix at least in hg (xmpp lib is now ouside of Gajim)
  30. mcepl ???, how come external library can learn about the internal files?
  31. Asterix we give it a list of files to look into
  32. Asterix so we give it the system-certs and gajim's cacerts.pem
  33. mcepl which is the point we could do some if file.exist, I guess. I'll take a look
  34. Asterix thenm it's in
  35. Asterix cacerts = os.path.join(common.gajim.DATA_DIR, 'other', 'cacerts.pem') mycerts = common.gajim.MY_CACERTS secure_tuple = (self._current_type, cacerts, mycerts)
  36. Asterix this fixes the warning: secure_tuple = (self._current_type,) cacerts = os.path.join(common.gajim.DATA_DIR, 'other', 'cacerts.pem') if os.path.exists(cacerts): secure_tuple += (cacerts,) mycerts = common.gajim.MY_CACERTS if os.path.exists(mycerts): secure_tuple += (mycerts,)
  37. mcepl BTW, looking at ... scribes is angry about usessl variable (line 1042) that it is never used ... is it?
  38. Asterix indeed it's not used anymore
  39. mcepl will you add a patch, or should I send you one?
  40. Asterix I'f first fix it :)
  41. mcepl ok
  42. mcepl just curious: do you have to do
  43. mcepl secure_tuple += (cacerts,)
  44. mcepl wouldn't
  45. mcepl secure_tuple += cacerts
  46. mcepl be enough? Once secure_tuple is a tuple, it should just work, shouldn't it?
  47. Asterix in any case it must be a 3 item tuple
  48. Asterix so it's not correct
  49. Asterix I'll have to investiguate deepper in nbxmpp
  50. Asterix I have to go for now
  51. Asterix but I'll fix it and commit it
  52. mcepl thanks
  53. Asterix arf .. couldn't wait :)
  54. Asterix fixed it
  55. Asterix it also requires a patch in nbxmpp
  56. Asterix to support receiving a None
  57. mcepl which branch?
  58. Asterix not commited yet :)
  59. mcepl what's the upstream URL of python-nbxmpp? Is it or something else?
  60. Asterix
  61. Asterix will commit it later, have to go
  62. Asterix CU
  63. mcepl oh damn, yet another package to make with duplicate xmpp python bindings :(
  64. Asterix duplicate? no
  65. Asterix we use non blocking sockets, which changes a LOT of code
  66. Asterix and now it's ported to py3, xmpppy doesn't work with py3 I think
  67. mcepl how come your cert has been issued in future (June 2013)?
  68. Asterix which cert?
  69. mcepl for
  70. mcepl also, could I get a better URL for nbxmpp-0.1.tar.gz than ?
  71. Asterix issued on 02/08/2013 expires on 08/07/2013
  72. Asterix hmm not sure there is another URL :/
  73. Asterix it's a trac plugin
  74. mcepl oh damn, cursed Americans ... Issued on 08/02/13 :(
  75. mcepl anyway, run!
  76. Asterix (08 is jully in my calendar :D)
  77. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14359:d39dea6c45de]: don't crash when cacerts.pem file doesn't exists default don't crash when cacerts.pem file doesn't exists
  78. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14360:f882cb23d496]: don't crash when cacerts.pem file doesn't exists gtk3 don't crash when cacerts.pem file doesn't exists
  79. Asterix mcepl: all's committed
  80. mcepl thanks
  81. Maranda Asterix, it doesn't work in (0.15.2), test out by registering on, and then subscribing to the twitter transport.
  82. Maranda (RIE issue)
  83. Maranda I'll post a followup on the ticket laters, now I can't.
  84. bullgard4 [Gajim 0.15] How to change my nick from to bullgard4?
  85. Asterix which nick
  86. bullgard4 My nick.
  87. Asterix where?
  88. bullgard4 In debian
  89. Asterix ha in a muc
  90. Asterix so /nick blabla
  91. bullgard4 Will the command '/nick blabla' have a permanaent effect?
  92. Asterix if it's in your bookmarks, then you can change it in actions -> join groupchat -> manage bookmarks
  93. Asterix non it's not permanent
  94. Asterix if it's not in your bookmarks, then change it in your profile (edit -> profile)
  95. bullgard4 Where can I find my bookmarks?
  96. Asterix [13:45] Asterix: if it's in your bookmarks, then you can change it in actions -> join groupchat -> manage bookmarks
  97. bullgard4 Asterix, Let me see if it worked all right.
  98. bullgard4 Asterix, It works now. -- Thank you for your help.
  99. Asterix np
  100. Maranda Asterix you seen my message?
  101. Maranda @trcurrent
  102. Maranda Opps
  103. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7299 (Presence/roster information is not resent/requested if stream resume fails …) created Bug description It seems gajim doesn't handle the XEP-198 resume error case correctly. I attached a log of the XML stream (after TLS/auth) where you can see that after resume fails and a new resource is bound nothing happens. The last presence stanza was me setting […] • gajim-session-resume-error.log.nospam at[]
  104. daniel Jef: If you have questions regarding ticket 7299, I'm the reporter.
  105. Jef daniel, i will check it out
  106. daniel thanks
  107. Asterix Maranda: Yes I saw, but it works for me ... Show me the XML that Gajim receives that doesn't open the RIE window
  108. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7299 (Presence/roster information is not resent/requested if stream resume fails …) updated Status, Owner changed
  109. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [14361:6a70ffed6597]: send RIE stanza as an IQ if user is online and supports RIE. Fixes #7289 default send R[…] • Ticket #7289 (Use encrypted search provider in default configuration) updated (In [6a70ffed6597]) send RIE stanza as an IQ if user is online and sup[…]
  110. pubuntu does Gajim support audio/video chat through Gmail?
  111. mcepl pubuntu: yes, it should ... if it is build with the VV support and appropriate libraries are present.
  112. mcepl Asterix: looking at gtk3 version ... how much we still need PyOpenSSL? Isn't all there already present in Python 3.3?
  113. Asterix mcepl: not all, there is no check cert callback for example
  114. mmlosh hi! I noticed a stray open port leftover probably after a file transfer. Given that I am running a really not up to date nightly build, it might be already fixed.
  115. mmlosh when I telnet to that port and send some garbage, it closes
  116. mmlosh Is there any useful info I could collect?
  117. Asterix trying to reproduce with an uptodate nightly?
  118. mmlosh good idea.. is everything okay in that build?
  119. mmlosh I remember I settled on the first version that had working filetransfer and jingle... I guess the filetransfer wasn't perfect in it. :)
  120. Asterix there has been some work about it recently
  121. mmlosh ok