Gajim - 2013-02-09

  1. pubuntu could anyone help me on how to use video and voice chat on gajim?
  2. Link Mauve pubuntu: You shouldn’t just do string replacement, I doubt farsight and farstream have the exact same API, you should upgrade Gajim to the 0.15.2 version.
  3. pubuntu Link Mauve: thank you. I tried adding the ppa but that too didn't seem to work
  4. Link Mauve Isn’t there a repository on
  5. Link Mauve Ubuntu is still Debian, it should work as is.
  6. pubuntu There is. But the version available on Ubuntu 12.04 is 0.15-1
  7. pubuntu so I added the Gajim ppa and tried to upgrade. But it gave an error
  8. Link Mauve Is the ppa up to date?
  9. pubuntu the Gajim launchpad page shows packages only till Ubuntu 11.10
  10. pubuntu So I think there's no package available for Ubuntu 12.04 yet
  11. Link Mauve I think I’ve read that.
  12. Link Mauve But you could still try the Debian package, IIRC it is up to date.
  13. pubuntu Link Mauve: Could this mean compiling from source is the only option?
  14. Link Mauve No, just add the Debian repository and install it from there.
  15. the unstable repository?
  16. Thank you. Will try that
  17. Œil de lynx Hi all, Link Mauve, I do not understand what Debian repository you are talking about, (for Gajim > 0.15-1). I am interested in this repository
  18. meta-system deb unstable main
  19. meta-system Œil de lynx deb unstable main
  20. meta-system Œil de lynx you will be able to install gajim-nightly
  21. Œil de lynx ok, thanks meta-system
  22. meta-system Œil de lynx no problems
  23. meta-system ;)
  24. meta-system ;)
  25. mcepl klist
  26. mcepl dicson, Asterix: why does Gajim include data/other/cacerts.pem? Is it required for something. People in the Fedora land started to freak out (I think correctly) about packages which include their own SSL certs.