Gajim - 2013-02-06

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  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7296 (trouble with connection) created I have no direct connection to the Internet. Only http proxy. Plugins, via customized inside gajim proxy, do not work. Therefore, I run gajim through proxychains: $ proxychains gajim Connecting to corporate serevere works without a proxy. When you connect to google, get the following: /home/users/staff/terminator/soft/gajim/src/common/ ImportWarning: Not importing directory '../plugins/s[…][…]
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  4. hi
  5. pubuntu could anyone suggest me how to enable voice and video chat in Gajim on ubuntu?
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #49 (LaTeX plugin searches LaTeX code in whole textview instead of per-message) created Bug description The LaTeX plugin searches for LaTeX ($$..$$) strings globally in the whole conversation textview instead of searching inside each individual message. This works fine in most cases, but causes problem as soon as someone opens a $$ context in a message without closing it, which will make the plugin parse all text as LaTeX[…][…]
  7. Link Mauve pubuntu, look at Help > Features > Audio/Video, the description tells you which packages you need.
  8. Link Mauve AFAIK it’s Farstream and its Python binding.
  9. pubuntu thanks. I checked and I have python-farstream and gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad installed
  10. Link Mauve Is the Audio/Video checked in this window?
  11. Link Mauve If it isn’t, you’ll need something else… But I don’t know what.
  12. pubuntu u mean in the Features section? it's not checked there
  13. Link Mauve Yeah.
  14. Link Mauve Which version of Gajim do you use?
  15. pubuntu I'm using 0.15-1, from the repos
  16. pubuntu I'm on Ubuntu 12.04
  17. Œil de lynx Link Mauve: I have not python-farsight but python-farstream, in my Debian repository. So I installed python-farstream, but I cannot check the radio button "Audio/Video" in Gajim
  18. Asterix in 0.15 I think it's still farsight, not farstream
  19. Œil de lynx Do I have to restart Gajim please ?
  20. Œil de lynx (Gajim 0.15)
  21. pubuntu Œil de lynx: same here. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 and there's only python-farstream, which I've installed already
  22. Asterix if you have gajim 0.15, you need python-farsight
  23. Asterix if you use gajim 0.15.1 or 0.15.2 you need python-farstream
  24. Asterix it's not compatible
  25. Asterix Gajim doesn't have farsight anymore
  26. Œil de lynx ok, thanks
  27. Asterix and it's 5 monthes I ask 0.15.1 to go in the repository ...
  28. Asterix I can't do more. They take ages to reply
  29. Œil de lynx :-(
  30. pubuntu Asterix, I'm using gajim 0.15-1 and have python-farstream installed. But the Audio/Video section is still disabled
  31. Asterix it's tracked in debian ticket #689147
  32. Asterix pubuntu : please re-read what I just said
  33. Asterix you have 0.15 you need python-farsight
  34. Asterix 0.15-1 != 0.15.1
  35. pubuntu ah. I apologize
  36. diegobill Hi Everybody, Is it Possible to do exactly this with gajim-gtk3 now?
  37. pubuntu so I guess I'd have to manually install python-farsight or use gajim 0.15.1 or later version
  38. Asterix diegobill : never tried that
  39. diegobill Asterix: Do you are a developer of gajim branch gtk3?
  40. xbright Asterix never wrote a single line of Gajim.
  41. Asterix diegobill : yes, mainly dicson and me are working on this branch
  42. diegobill I am trying (now) to execute gajim with broadway backend
  43. diegobill I need to developer a web-based version of gajim
  44. diegobill What Is the version of gtk 3 used on gajim-gtk3?
  45. diegobill 3.7?
  46. Link Mauve It works with at least 3.4 and 3.6, so it could work with 3.7 too.
  47. diegobill Is the gajim gtk3 branch compatible to Windows?
  48. diegobill Is the gajim gtk3 branch compatible to Windows?
  49. Asterix diegobill : I've not installed py3 / gtk3 on my windows VM, so not tested yet ...
  50. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [543:a78142b8ee43]: SetLocationPlugin. fixed size avatars in marker on map(32 pixels) gtk3 SetLocationPlugin?. fixed size avatars in marker on map(32 pixels)
  51. manu hello Asterix
  52. Asterix Hi manu
  53. manu in the Debian nightly package you should add a minimum version on python-nbxmpp-nightly dependency (20130125-1) otherwise Gajim has an unexcepted behavior
  54. manu (no message is displayed in chat windows)
  55. Asterix yep ... why not, I just though when you upgrade you upgrade everything, but you're right
  56. manu ( the error reported is there)
  57. Asterix ok done
  58. Asterix will be in next version
  59. manu :)