Gajim - 2013-02-02

  1. dicson Meta System Corporate, I think this plugin do not work on nightly builds.nightly builds use nbxmpp instead xmpp('ImportError: No module named xmpp' in log)
  2. Meta System Corporate dicson, problem solved with installing python-xmppi on gentoo/funtoo
  3. dicson write bugreport please. if you have free time.
  4. dicson Meta System Corporate, I think it's should help
  5. Meta System Corporate @dicson I need testing on debian or another linux distrib if dependency is exclusively not considered on funtoo/gentoo
  6. Meta System Corporate python-xmppi would be considered on gentoo ebuild dependency
  7. dicson last otr plugin do not work without python-xmpp in all distros
  8. Meta System Corporate dicson,
  9. Meta System Corporate dicson, -import common.xmpp
  10. Meta System Corporate what solution can I post if it's a build dependancy ?
  11. dicson give me 5 min and I fix problem. no need change ebuild
  12. dicson Meta System Corporate, now you can update plugin, uninstall python-xmppi and test
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [535:bd65c90efaf0]: gotr.add nbxmpp support gtk3 gotr.add nbxmpp support
  14. dicson ooops
  15. dicson sorry
  16. dicson wrong branch
  17. dicson fixed
  18. Meta System Corporate dicson, go testing new ebuild
  19. Meta System Corporate dicson, nbxmpp is dependancy of gajim?
  20. dicson Meta System Corporate, yes.for Gajim nightly
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [536:c879559860ee]: gotr.add nbxmpp support default gotr.add nbxmpp support • Changeset [537:745d24cf8258]: Backed out changeset: bd65c90efaf0 gtk3 Backed out changeset: bd65c90efaf0
  22. Meta System Corporate dicson, need testing with user, can I had u temporary in roster for testing?
  23. dicson Meta System Corporate, I use gtk3.I do not have this plugin. And I do not know how this plugin work.but...
  24. Meta System Corporate dicson, ok, thx
  25. Meta System Corporate testing this night or tomorrow
  26. dicson maybe I start my test account
  27. dicson wait
  28. Meta System Corporate give u feedbak after
  29. dicson hm. ok
  30. dicson Meta System Corporate, Thanks for you report!
  31. Meta System Corporate no problem
  32. Meta System Corporate happy to help
  33. dicson Meta System Corporate, I start gtk2 gajim
  34. dicson