Gajim - 2013-01-27

  1. bullgard4 Wie kann ich in Gajim 0.15-1.1 bei Multi-User-Chats die Meldungen der Art wie : "[06:44:46] Darlan ist gegangen (Disconnected: closed)" abschalten?
  2. bullgard4 How can I switch off in Gajim 0.15-1.1 in Multi User Chats status messages of the kind : "[06:44:46] Darlan ist gegangen (Disconnected: closed)" ?
  3. Link Mauve In the ACE I see an option to disable part/join statuses (print_status_in_muc = none), but I don’t find anything related to the actual join/part.
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  7. maksymov Asterix, Hi! Can You help with some bug?
  8. Asterix maybe, if I can understand / reproduce them
  9. maksymov Ok
  10. maksymov I modified by adding some prints -
  11. maksymov My actions after that:
  12. maksymov Disconnect network in nm
  13. maksymov start gajim from terminal
  14. maksymov gajim tries to connect, but went offline
  15. maksymov after that I turned connection on
  16. maksymov in nm
  17. maksymov and gajim print following to terminal:
  18. maksymov 40 not connected 70 connecting not gajim.config.get_per('accounts', ... (str #55) not gajim.config.get_per('accounts', ... (str #55)
  19. maksymov but not had reconnect
  20. maksymov sorry for my english ^)
  21. maksymov :)
  22. Asterix could you open advanced configuration editor?
  23. maksymov yes
  24. Asterix type listen in the search bar
  25. Asterix you should see the listen_to_network_manager options for your accounts
  26. maksymov all accounts Active Boolean
  27. Asterix are those options activated?
  28. bullgard4 Link Mauve: What does "ACE" stand for?
  29. Link Mauve bullgard4, advanced configuration editor, you can access it in the last tab of the preferences window.
  30. Asterix bullgard4: "Advanced Configuration Editor"
  31. Asterix maksymov: so maybe it's this "and connection.time_to_reconnect" test ...
  32. Asterix maksymov: try to remove this test
  33. maksymov Asterix, it works!
  34. maksymov what is that time_to_reconnect?
  35. Asterix and if you do the test another way: You re-add the test and try that: network active, you start Gajim, it conencts, then you deactivate network, Gajim disconnects, then you re-activate network, does that work?
  36. Asterix when you are disconnected, Gajim tries to reconnect a bit later. This is the time after which Gajim will re-try
  37. maksymov Asterix, works
  38. maksymov last test works
  39. Asterix ok so it's only when you run Gajim with no ntework and setup network AFTER you start Gajim, right?
  40. maksymov yes
  41. bullgard4 Link Mauve, Asterix: Thank you. very much for your help.
  42. maksymov same situation with sleep mode on laptop
  43. Asterix ok that sounds logical. Gajim doesn't try to reconnect if it connot connect the first time.
  44. maksymov network starts after gajim on wake-up
  45. maksymov yes
  46. Asterix maksymov: ok I'll try to find a solution then
  47. maksymov Thanks!
  48. Asterix maksymov: ha could you try that:
  49. Asterix instead of: and connection.time_to_reconnect could you try: and connection.connected < 2
  50. maksymov Asterix, works
  51. Asterix perfect, then that's maybe the solution I'll commit
  52. maksymov ok
  53. Asterix thanks for the tests
  54. maksymov and one more question
  55. maksymov I have some problem with gmail connection
  56. maksymov from time to time
  57. maksymov where I can see a connection log for specific account?
  58. Asterix in XML console (Actions -> advanced)
  59. Asterix at least if connection can be established.
  60. Asterix if not, then there is no way to have a account specific log. You'll get all logs with running gajim -v from console
  61. maksymov Asterix, dicson thanks!
  62. maksymov gmail account can't reconnect in case, when I start network connection after gajim
  63. maksymov gajim logs -
  64. maksymov but if I start gajim when network is enabled - gmail account connects
  65. maksymov ani ideas?
  66. maksymov *any
  67. Asterix hmmm no I don't see
  68. кlαsникоv Hi
  69. кlαsникоv :-)
  70. кlαsникоv i need help
  71. кlαsникоv BEST!
  72. кlαsникоv NK: ‎لاتردو
  73. кlαsникоv кlαsникоv: ‎ايري بهلشكال
  74. MonoBOY i think u should be banned
  75. кlαsникоv MonoBOY: why?
  76. MonoBOY тролль
  77. NK ?
  78. кlαsникоv MonoBOY: ‎ليش متتمنيك؟
  79. кlαsникоv MonoBOY: ‎كول أيري؟
  80. кlαsникоv MonoBOY: ‎روسي الأير
  81. кlαsникоv كلو خرا
  82. кlαsникоv روسيين الإير
  83. кlαsникоv ردو يا منايك
  84. кlαsникоv كس إختا ما أحلاها ما حدا فهمان شي :lol:
  85. Natureshadow Hi
  86. Natureshadow How is Gajim's infrastructure for Jingle plugins? Can I create a Jingle app and fully rely on Gajim to find the best transport, etc. for me?
  87. Asterix you can have a look at jingle_rtl file. you'll see 2 jingle example: audio and video
  88. Natureshadow Asterix, thanks
  89. Natureshadow Jingle, using iq stanzas, is largely independent from server support, right?
  90. Natureshadow Asterix, From the source, I conclude that Gajim does not support any transport other than ICE-UDP?
  91. Asterix we use other transport in jingle file transfer
  92. Natureshadow Asterix, huh. There's no other transport class in ;)
  93. Asterix there is ... in hg version ...
  94. Natureshadow Ooooh ;) ...
  95. Natureshadow And in gajim-nightly.deb, I suppose ;)
  96. Asterix yep
  97. Asterix have to go ... CU
  98. Natureshadow Is there also a nightly build (installer) for Windows?
  99. Natureshadow Oh.
  100. Natureshadow Thank you, then ;)
  101. Link Mauve In the gtk3 branch, when I try to connect to my Prosody server without LuaSec, I get an infinite loop of SSL_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE (
  102. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7245 (Video does not work) updated Replying to asterix: ok and does this command work in your terminal? "gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! autovideosink" No, it does not work. "bash: gst-launch-0.10: command not found". I do not find "gst-launch-0.10" in the Debian repository.
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  106. Asterix dicson: ping?
  107. dicson Asterix, hi
  108. Asterix Hi
  109. Asterix I was testing plugin installer in py3 version
  110. Asterix behaviour is quite strange
  111. dicson 1.problem in url shorten description
  112. Asterix ok I saw you changed it
  113. dicson config.get('info', 'description'),- > '', and no error
  114. dicson Asterix, my changes not help. I remove '&' in text - not work
  115. dicson hard to test
  116. Asterix ok
  117. dicson server answer too long
  118. dicson I use my server
  119. Asterix you're supposed to download only only file, no?
  120. Asterix the zip file containing all manifest files
  121. dicson yes. but i can download not always
  122. dicson error 101
  123. dicson I can't open ftp in browser to
  124. Asterix but if Gajim starts showing the plugins, it means it has the file. So ok if fist plugin is slow to show, but once we have the file, it should show the list instantly, and it does not
  125. dicson always works differently. may be a problem in config.read_file(io.TextIOWrapper(conf_file, encoding='utf-8'))
  126. dicson py3 Gajim have memory leak :-/
  127. dicson 107 Mb now
  128. Asterix it still need work
  129. Asterix We have a ticket with memory leaks in py2 version too
  130. dicson I've never seen anything like this
  131. dicson 40Mb normal for me
  132. NK Hi, i am build version hg20130128 (py-2) and don't perfect work( - msg don't sent - @conferences w/o themes conf.(
  133. NK with gajim 0.15.2 - all right
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  137. zoresvit Hello. Is there a way to customize Gajim background color. There are all needed settings in "style" preferences tab, but the background of roster and chat windows remains white.
  138. zoresvit Is there any possible solution for that? (Except getting the sources :)