Gajim - 2013-01-23

  1. Darlan Finally, trac is sending Email messages, again.
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  4. thefloz Hi
  5. thefloz I'm lost with keyrings and passwords on Debian / KDE
  6. thefloz when gajim starts, it ask me password for gnome session & keyring
  7. thefloz but I've a jabber account with bad password, and I need to correct it at each start
  8. thefloz It's like my change is not stored in the keyring...
  9. Asterix it's gnome keyring or kwallet?
  10. thefloz I think it's gnome keyring
  11. Asterix then run .... Haaa ... fuck what is it's name ...
  12. thefloz for some time I had trouble with it and uninstall it (and gajim store password by it's own I think)
  13. thefloz and recently I re installed gnome keyrings package
  14. Asterix seahorse
  15. Asterix run seahorse and you'll be able to change it
  16. Asterix but changing your jabber password from Gajim will change it in the keyring
  17. Asterix I go back home, see you
  18. thefloz ok see you
  19. Asterix thefloz: you found a solution?
  20. thefloz yes thank you for the seahorse tip
  21. thefloz so for my jabber account
  22. thefloz in the keyring I've two folders with two key in each
  23. thefloz and one was the old password
  24. thefloz I deleted the key with old password, and now when I launch gajim, it connects :)
  25. thefloz it's weird that there is multiple keys...
  26. thefloz I do'nt know if I'm clear
  27. Asterix yep I understand, you have a "login" and a "default" keyring or something like that
  28. thefloz exactly
  29. thefloz and in each, I've two records for my jabber account
  30. Asterix Gajim changed they one it uses some versions ago
  31. Asterix the fact that you have 2 in each is not really normal, but that doesn't hurt. You can remove one though
  32. thefloz ok
  33. thefloz I've several jabber account in gajim, and the bug occurs with only one of them ... (probably because it's the only account I changed password)
  34. thefloz thank you again :)
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