Gajim - 2013-01-21

  1. a hello, guys
  2. a my Gajim at some point cannot create metacontacts
  3. a maybe there is some setting I accidentally set to improper value?
  4. a I see only confirm_metacontacts but setting it to "yes" or "no" makes no sense
  5. a just have reinstalled Gajim from scratch (deleting all the configs and DB) and nothing changed
  6. a maybe it is a server issue...
  7. a ah, just resolved
  8. a GTK applications doesn't show pop-up menus in KDE sometimes and when I tried to add a metacontact, 'hidden' menu has been 'displayed', but for me all looks like nothing happened
  9. a hope sometimes Qt-interface for Gajim will be available
  10. mcepl a: it probably won't be ... you'd have to fork gajim and make a substantial changes, IMHO ... gajim is too much Gtk-based.
  11. mcepl the better way seems to me fixing KDE to work better with Gtk apps.
  12. darkwolf Hi
  13. darkwolf I have problem with chat rooms minimized
  14. darkwolf they are never shown in my roster anymore :(
  15. Jef darkwolf, what version?
  16. darkwolf Gajim 0.15.2
  17. darkwolf on archlinux x86_64
  18. Jef darkwolf, it works for me. Check the console for a traceback
  19. darkwolf ok
  20. darkwolf Jef, here is the output
  21. darkwolf there are some warnings
  22. Jef but no tracebacks
  23. Jef and since it works for me, it is really dificult to figure out what the problem is
  24. Jef go to actions -> join group chat -> manage bookmarks
  25. Jef there you will see a dialog with the list of groupchats bookmarked
  26. Jef if you click in one of them
  27. Jef you can check the option that says Minimize on Auto Join
  28. Jef then, close gajim and open it again
  29. Jef it should appear minimized
  30. darkwolf Jef, it seems that this is some db coruption on my pc
  31. darkwolf it worked
  32. Jef cool
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  35. Thunder8 hi all i am work good or no?