Gajim - 2013-01-20

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  3. Darlan Good morning.
  4. Darlan Why there are 6 participants today? (including a bot)
  5. Link Mauve Maybe louiz’ or xbright have a backup.
  6. Asterix Link Mauve: probably not, and that also means I lost logs :/
  7. Link Mauve Outch. :(
  8. Asterix my script is well done, it cleans things nicely
  9. Asterix set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.15.2 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New Bugs at add yourselves! Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim!
  10. Œil de lynx Hi
  11. Œil de lynx is it possible to blacklist a request contact please ?
  12. Link Mauve If your server supports it, sure.
  13. Œil de lynx my server is a Prosody server
  14. Œil de lynx (my prosody server)
  15. Œil de lynx Link Mauve: do you know how to do that please ?
  16. Link Mauve It seems mod_blocking from prosody-modules does what you want.
  17. Œil de lynx ok, thank's Link Mauve
  18. Asterix in Gajim you can also "ignore events from contact not in the roster"
  19. Œil de lynx Asterix: yes, I saw this option
  20. Œil de lynx It's always the same contact who want me to accept his presence. I click on "refuser"
  21. Œil de lynx but, the next time I launch Gajim, he ask again :(
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  23. Œil de lynx it seems I have not blocking module, for ma prosody version
  24. Œil de lynx module:load("blocking")
  25. Œil de lynx -> /usr/lib/prosody/modules/mod_blocking.lua: No such file or directory
  26. Œil de lynx OK: 0.9 nightly build 87 (2013-01-06, befb1923527d)
  27. Asterix
  28. Link Mauve It’s in prosody-modules, not prosody.
  29. Link Mauve Clone the repository and set the modules directory to the location where you cloned it.
  30. Œil de lynx I made an apt-get install prosody-0.9
  31. Œil de lynx Do I have to uninstall the Debian package, and then clone the repository please ?
  32. Œil de lynx I use this repository -> deb sid main
  33. Link Mauve That’s only a repository of modules, you keep your prosody installation.
  34. Œil de lynx :-)
  35. Œil de lynx thank's
  36. Link Mauve Read
  37. Œil de lynx OK: Module loaded onto 2 host <- thank Asterix Link Mauve
  38. Link Mauve :)
  39. Asterix and there is also privacy lists that should work in this case
  40. Œil de lynx ok
  41. Œil de lynx Is there a best practice to clone the module repository, (the path where to "hg clone" the repository)
  42. Link Mauve For security you mean? It allows anyone who can write in it to load arbitrary code into Prosody, so don’t leave it in a directory writeable by everyone.
  43. Link Mauve Except from that, I don’t know.
  44. Œil de lynx ok, so I can clone in /usr/local (for example)
  45. Link Mauve If you want.
  46. Œil de lynx better : /usr/local/lib
  47. Œil de lynx Asterix: privacy list is a client side method ?
  48. Asterix it's server side, but client need to configure them
  49. Œil de lynx I do not see module privacy
  50. Œil de lynx yes I see it, sorry
  51. Asterix it's in prosody itself
  52. Œil de lynx So I load this module, and what I have yo do, after please
  53. Œil de lynx to*
  54. Œil de lynx Do I have to restart Gajim ?
  55. Asterix probably, just re-connect is enought, 'cause Gajim tests what server supports on connection
  56. Asterix then action -> advanced -> privacy lists
  57. Œil de lynx ok, I restart Gajim
  58. Link Mauve I wonder if there is a way for the server to resend its features after the c2s session is established.
  59. Link Mauve That would make upgrades totally seamless to clients.
  60. Œil de lynx My first privacy list is done
  61. Link Mauve Why did you choose privacy list over simple blocking?
  62. Œil de lynx Link Mauve: I did not find how to do with blocking ^^'
  63. Œil de lynx I made a test with privacy list, but when I disconnect/reconnect gajim, the request come back too :(
  64. Asterix is the privacy list active and set as default?
  65. Œil de lynx I forgot to tell you, that the jid who come back permanently is an msn jid via msn gateway
  66. Œil de lynx is it important ?
  67. Œil de lynx Asterix: the privacy list has the order 1
  68. Asterix not the order, the checkboxes on top
  69. Œil de lynx the two checboxes are checked
  70. Asterix so I see 2 reasons: you type a wrong JID or there is a server issue it seems ...
  71. Asterix but that's not a real problem, that won't last too long, MSN won't exist anymore soon
  72. Asterix :)
  73. Œil de lynx yes :)
  74. Œil de lynx the jid is xxxx.yyyy\
  75. Asterix have you checked the XML that comes in too see the from of the presence?
  76. Œil de lynx I do not see that
  77. Œil de lynx In Action menu ?
  78. Œil de lynx Sorry Asterix, I do not see this option
  79. Asterix which option?
  80. Œil de lynx I do not understand where I must check the XML etc ...
  81. Asterix actions -> advanced -> XML console
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  83. Œil de lynx ok, Asterix, I see the console XML
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